Have you ever thought, how much plastic waste do you spend in a month? If 1 person a day buys a plastic bottle, then one month he will spend 30 bottles of plastic waste. Meanwhile, Indonesia consists of 200 million people. Can you imagine how much waste we produce? The consumptive nature that we have we can no longer avoid. The words practical, fast, and cheap are always the reasons for the excessive use of plastic waste. The amount of garbage from day-to-day is increasing. Waste management is also not ideal, so it always hurts the environment. Garbage has always been a problem for the world. There are many programs issued by the local government to tackle the use of waste. On the island of Bali, we have implemented a reduction in the use of plastic bags, but we feel that this is not enough. Because our groceries are still in plastic packaging.

Cities around the world are running a program known as “Zero Waste” or free of waste. This program proclaims waste management for the environment. Where garbage will not be piled up or burned again. This “Zero Waste” focuses on reusing goods made of plastic. If we usually dispose of plastic waste right away, in this “Zero Waste” program we are taught to reuse plastics for the same purposes or they can be reprocessed into more useful items. This lifestyle will change our mindset for the better.

Currently, many modern markets have implemented a “Zero Waste” system. For example, not using plastic bags for shopping but using cloth bags that can be used many times. Also, many modern markets sell their merchandise in kilograms. So it doesn’t spend a lot of plastic for packaging. Consumers can bring their own containers to shop. Sometimes we also often buy packaged drinks from outside. But now we have brought our own drinking bottles. So that no more bottles are wasted. Finally, we can reduce waste production in the world with the “Zero Waste” program. So have you done the “Zero Waste” program?