Why CH?

We’re proud to be able to say that CH is one of the most innovative secondary, and below are just a few reasons why you’ll consider collaborating with us in CH Secondary.

The Right Choice for Teenagers

Since we see that the risks of inappropriate approaches to teenagers are very big, we are commited to doing our best. Through our experience and committment to always standing up for children, we are now strong to stand for TEENAGERS! We belief that their way, the teenager’s way, may lead them to success. We are here together with everyone who thinks like us, stands for teenagers and loves to deal with their ways of thinking and value-orientation.

Healthiest Environment and Culture

CH is well known for a very high healthy environment with the program of “from nature to nature” and healthy culture as we celebrated all religion festivities and the multinatiolities in our Secondary, Education Department Badung Regency 2016.

Most Multicultural

CH won the award for being the most multicultural School with more than 17 nationalities around the world in 2014 and keeps growing until more than 20 nationalities recently (Leprid, 2014).

> 50

Children’s Research Publication per Year

> 100

Internship practise per year

> 500

Case study discussed and presented per Year

> 300

academic Papers produced and presented per Year


for students’ satisfaction.


open days and events in CH Secondary each year for you to visit and join us.