CH has 2 adorable big Golden Retrievers (Goldy and Emmy) and 1 small Toy Poodle (Poodie) which is no less adorable. They often walk and play around the school, and children and employees are not afraid of them, they are already part of the school facilities.

According to a recent study from researchers at the University of Arizona, it was found that puppies are born with human-like social skills that allow them to communicate with humans from a very early age. The study also showed that puppies of the Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever breeds are very good at reading and understanding human emotions. Puppies are able from an early age to follow human commands, understand hand gestures, and respond to human emotions by looking at them (Arizona Canine Cognition Center, 2021).

It is common knowledge that pet dogs can reduce human stress. The presence of Goldy, Emmy, and Poodie at CH school is also a stroke of luck that can help us release stress when they pass by in the yard, and we stroke their fur. A study by Virginia Commonwealth University revealed that having a pet in the office helps increase employee job satisfaction, reduces employee stress, and overall having a dog in the work environment can make a positive difference.

In another study by a professor at Oregon State University (2021), it was noted that dogs spend more time with humans who are children. Dogs have more attention to children, while children feel happy even when just seeing the dog pass in front of them. Children are rated as very capable of training dogs, and dogs pay more attention to children and can learn from them. Apart from all the benefits we get from having a pet dog, the dog also gets positive feedback.