I started working at CH on March 4, 2013 and I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience. Besides, I have also received trainings, mentoring, coaching and even continue my masteral degree. I grew up in CH, with CH, with CHeers.

A little flashback of how I grew up in CH

I joined CH, our building was only in the kindergarten and primary school area. The library and volleyball area as well as the new jineng building were not yet CH areas.

We began to expand in the toga garden area and library. If anyone still remembers, we used to have a small hut (formerly a pool), as a pilot project for Children’s Republic (currently on the 3rd floor kindergarten).

We were starting to open registration for the first batch of junior high school students, even though the library room and building are not yet finished. We still remember the teachers lifting bricks together, Pak Saman cemented the walls, Pak Andre transported gravel, Pak Sabar pasted the ceramics, even Bu Lidia stirred the cement in the parking lot (to build a water channel). And in the end, together we managed to open the first batch CH SMP in July 2015.

SD and SMP changed the status to SPK. In 2016, we actually only wanted to use the Cambridge curriculum and did not want to deal with problems of the quality that is far from CH’s expectations and torture our students. Still remembering about the Dinas Semester Assessment, one of the question was: Penguins can live on the Continent: …… and it was a multiple choices question, while Penguins can live on any continent by ex situ.

The first class 9th class who followed the National Examination and we succeeded in achieving rank 9 in Bali, until last year and 2 years earlier we had succeeded in achieving the 4th rank on the highest average UN in Bali.

…… until this time .. we continue to grow together.
There is no meaning without our cooperation and the solidarity of our team to achieve the best results for our students.

Hopefully this can be a motivation for CHeers team. If I can do this, which I am sure that my extraordinary friends have their own talents in their respective fields, they can certainly develop, want to be developed, and become better virtue.

Thank you, CH
Thank you, Bu Lidia
Thank you, Pak Sabar
Thank you, CHeers Team

And Always stay healthy everyone!