It was Monday, November 30th, my close relative (Ms, X) was sick. 5.00 pm after work, I went to visit her at she house. When we got there, we talked without implementing any health protocols. It was 9.00 pm I decided to go home.

The next morning, Tuesday, December 1, there was a neighbor who burned the trash and it caused me to cough all day. Arriving at school, a colleague who has been absent for 2 days due to illness finally comes back even though his condition is not yet prime. We are in 1 office, we always apply health protocols but at lunchtime, he asked me to help him buy lunch so we were close enough and did not apply the health protocol that afternoon. That day, I had some work that I had to complete, so it made me have to come home a little late at night, of course this made my body condition less well. Finally, at 7.30 pm I arrived at home. After dinner, my body felt intense goosebumps and then sweated and my body immediately became hot. This is the first time I have experienced this, generally when my body is tired my body will feel weak and lead to high drowsiness. With my body heat, I forced myself to go to bed early, hoping that tomorrow morning everything will be fine.

Wednesday, December 2nd, at 6.00 am I woke up but the body was still hot even hotter than last night. The head started to feel dizzy and the body was very weak. I contacted my brother to bring medicine to the house. When he at home, he took care of me for a whole day until I felt well enough and the next day I could go back to work.

Thursday, December 3rd I worked but only half a day. Because during the day my body shows symptoms of fever and my head is quite dizzy. Finally, I decided to go home early and that afternoon I was asked to go home to my hometown so that it could be cared for properly. When I returned home I was escorted by my close relative (Ms, X). When I got home, I was asked to come to the hospital for a medical check-up. However, the hospital nurse said, I still could not be given action because I had a fever for two days, I could be given action when I had a fever for three days. While walking home I hope that tomorrow morning my body will recover. But that night, my body was very hot, my body temperature showed 38.9 ℃, my head was very dizzy and nauseous. Finally, I passed that night with only 2 hours of sleep.

Friday morning 4 December my body still showed the same symptoms and that morning at 9.00 am, I went to the hospital for a check-up. Blood samples were taken and intravenous fluids were injected into my body, as well as my relatives (Ms, X) because we were in contact for two days. Our RAPID-TEST results both showed negative, but the SOP from the hospital, we both had to be treated in the isolation room until the results of the SWAB-PCR came out.

On Saturday, December 5, we had a SWAB-PCR test and reported the results on Monday 7 December, both of our results showed positive COVID-19. I submit this report to my workplace and to my family. SWAB-PCR was also carried out in my family and the families of my relatives. In my family, the test reported negative results, but my relatives’ family showed positive results.

We were treated until 23 December, during that period of treatment many things happened. Four days after being treated, I lost my appetite. Even though I was forced, I could only enter one bite and the next bite I felt nauseous and then vomited. The only fruit that I can consume during those four days. My breath felt short, I couldn’t take a deep breath. The next day I was able to eat only a small portion, but the cough did not go away until the last day I was treated. On December 22nd the SWAB-PCR test was done on both of us, my relatives showed negative results, but I still showed positive results. So with the doctor’s advice, I had to carry out independent isolation for 1 week at home.

During my isolation at home, my cough had subsided and my body began to recover. Finally, on December 31st I did another SWAB-PCR test, and the results were negative.