The pandemic conditions that forced the children to study at home, gradually began to stabilize. This has made many schools make decisions by returning to holding learning activities at school. The news is certainly greeted with various feelings by our sons and daughters. Some of them are happy to welcome them, some of them are reluctant to go back to school and prefer to study at home.

Even when conditions are normal, it is not uncommon for children to often feel lazy to go to school. If this happens, as parents, of course we have to prepare several things to deal with it. The following are 7 things parents need to do when they see their child is lazy at school.

  1. Find out the Causes of Lazy Children in School

Sometimes, because we are busy as parents, we feel comfortable giving up our children to study at school. It makes us forget that we don’t realize what the child is feeling and don’t try to be patient when facing their rejection when invited to school.

Finding out why children are lazy to go to school is the first thing to do when children rebel and are reluctant to go to school. Try to check the condition of his physical health. Is he really in such an unhealthy condition that he is lazy to go to school or is he just pretending? Also ask why you don’t want to go to school.

On the other hand, plan a good time to go to school with him. Avoid forcing him to talk if he doesn’t want to talk about what’s bothering him that makes him reluctant to go to school. Believe that he can definitely get through the problem and make sure he knows that we are with him.

Lack of sleep can also cause children to be lazy at school. This makes the child less enthusiastic and does not want to do much activity. Avoid giving him lectures about the benefits of going to school, as that will make him even more reluctant to go to school and make things worse.

  1. Buying Her Attention-grabbing School Supplies

There is nothing wrong as parents, we give them school supplies that they like and attract attention. This will unconsciously become a separate motivation for the child so that he is excited and wants to go to school to study. This activity can also be proof that as parents, we also play an active role in supporting his learning.

  1. Build a Good Learning Structure

One of the other reasons children are lazy to go to school, could be caused by less interesting learning activities in class. To deal with this boredom, as parents, we can find out and be involved in the learning process. There is nothing wrong with inviting them to learn while playing.

This certainly caught his attention and made the child more enthusiastic about learning at school. We can also invite him to participate in school activities such as registering him in extracurricular activities or participating in annual school activities so that children do not feel lazy. This can also help the child’s self-confidence and overcome anxiety or fear of going to school.

If your child is being bullied at school because of difficulties in communicating, especially expressing his wishes or opinions, we can train him to learn simple social skills. This is to build the courage to speak up while at school. I don’t know if it’s a friend or a teacher.

  1. Speak with Children Kindly from Heart to Heart

The main thing to do when dealing with lazy children at school is to stock up on patience. Because this can’t necessarily be resolved quickly. It takes a long process and time to keep children’s enthusiasm for going to school stable. We need to provide special time to continue to see the child’s development so as not to be lazy to go back to school.

At that time, we can have a good heart to heart talk with him by talking about things about his activities at school. Like what exciting events happened to him today at school, is there anything bothering him at school, and many more. Providing special time to hear the story will make the child feel valued and loved so that his enthusiasm for learning at school does not easily decline.

  1. Take a firm attitude when your child doesn’t want to go to school

If a child is caught just pretending to be lazy at school, there’s nothing wrong with that as parents, we take a firm stand. This is done as an anticipatory step so that children do not repeat their wrong actions. Ask your child to keep learning even when they are at home.

Also avoid comfortable conditions when he is at home when he is not at school. For example, by still enforcing a ban on the use of gadgets to play during school hours even though they are at home. Don’t let your child feel relaxed at home because that will make him even more reluctant to go to school.

By doing this, the child will subconsciously realize that there is no difference between staying at home and going to school. The child will also avoid the lazy attitude of school.

  1. Give Reward

Don’t hesitate to give it a reward in the form of a gift or just a compliment when you see your child suddenly fight his laziness and choose to be excited about going to school. Little things like that will actually make the child’s enthusiasm to go to school increase, because he feels loved and appreciated.

  1. Meet the School or a Psychologist

Avoid making these tips our last alternative as parents in overcoming lazy children at school. This can be done from the beginning when we find out the cause of the child being lazy to go to school. For example, communicating with their teacher or homeroom teacher, joining a parent group, getting to know their friends, and many others.

When we feel the situation is getting worse, we can consult with the school to find the best solution to deal with the problems that befell our children. Especially if we find that the reason why children are lazy to go to school is the result of bullying. If this is the case, we must immediately report it to the teacher and work closely with the school to resolve the issue. We can also consult a child psychologist who is trusted and understands and is able to listen and solve the child’s problems.