Humans are equipped with a very complete mind and mind in the structure of their brain, therefore the ability of each individual can vary from one another. This is a special gift to every human being because it has been equipped with a unique ability that is on the side of the individual. The ability of reason or can be called intelligence is a gift that is inherent in each individual. Intelligence is an innate that has made a person’s life run better. With the ability to think that is processed by the brain by synchronizing a situation that is needed by the individual, it is a successful step in processing learning related to certain things. However, over time, the individual’s ability to become a benchmark for some agencies, both schools and companies where the individual is located. With these benchmarks, some agencies can assess the ability and suitability of the individual in any part. Thus, a test is made that can measure the ability of human reason or human intelligence. One of the tools used to measure human intelligence is the WAIS Test (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale).

The Wechsler Test was first published in 1939 as the Wechsler – Bellevue Intelligence Scale (Commonly abbreviated as W – B) and the revised version was published in 1955 as the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS). The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) test is a standard Wechsler intelligence scale to measure the intelligence potential of adult subjects aged 16 to 75 years or older, which are presented individually. To be able to present this WAIS test well, the tester must understand and carry out the instructions in this test manual carefully and thoroughly. WAIS is one of the most popular psychological intelligence and intelligence test tools used in psychology circles. WAIS, is an intelligence test tool or intelligence invented by David Wechsler. WAIS is an intelligence test tool that was developed and introduced in 1981, under the name WAIS – R, is a modification and successor edition of the Wechsler – Bellevue Intelligence Scale which was created in 1939. WAIS -R is an intelligence scale consisting of two forms, namely the verbal and Performance Scale, where each form of the scale of this test has a variety of types of questions.

With the discovery that was developed under the name WAIS – R, psychological scientists managed to find a tool that can measure a person’s intelligence through a test kit. That way, this test is intended for someone to know and understand his abilities, so it is hoped that with this test the individual will be helped to position himself exactly according to his abilities.