💖✨Our Students Testimony✨💖

Today we are celebrating Valentine’s Day in our school. One point stands out so much from the discussions, which is Unconditional Love. Read a quote from one of our students, Gelya, here:

“From today’s Valentine’s celebration, I got a better understanding of what love really means, not just romantic love, but love for everyone and everything around us. One thing that stood out to me is unconditional love. It’s when you care deeply for someone or something without any conditions or expectations in return. It’s like the love a parent has for their child, always there no matter what. It’s also the love we have for our friends and family, supporting them through good times and bad. And it’s even the love we have for our environment, wanting to protect and cherish it for future generations. Unconditional love is about acceptance, understanding, and compassion for all living things, creating strong bonds that last a lifetime.”