One indication that a person can be said to be healthy is if he is mentally healthy. Of course, in this case physically healthy cannot be a benchmark for a person’s health because the definition of healthy according to the “World Health Organization” (WHO) formulates in a very broad scope, namely “a perfect condition both physically, mentally and socially, not only free from disease or weakness/disabilityā€¯. From the description above, it can be concluded that according to WHO health means ideal health conditions, both in terms of biological, psychological, and social. This will certainly make a person able to perform activities optimally and optimally. However, if a person cannot be mentally healthy, of course this can interfere with his productivity in every activity he does. Therefore, it is necessary to do therapy to be able to restore mental health or psychological health, things that can be done to restore mental health can be done by undergoing psychotherapy. In psychology, psychotherapy has its own approach. At least there are several types of psychotherapeutic approaches that can be used to restore a person’s mental health.

Psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapy

This type of psychotherapy will lead the patient to look deeper into his subconscious. Patients will be invited to explore various events or problems that have been hidden and unconscious. In this way, the patient can understand the meaning of each event that he experiences. This new understanding will help patients in making decisions and dealing with various problems.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy aims to evaluate thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors that are the source of problems in the patient’s life. After that, the doctor or psychologist will train the patient to respond to the source of the problem in a positive way. For example, if the patient used to use drugs or alcoholic beverages to deal with stress, then with this psychotherapy, the patient will be trained to respond to stress with more positive activities, such as exercising or meditation.

Interpersonal therapy

This type of psychotherapy will lead the patient to evaluate and understand how the patient relates to other people, such as family, partners, friends, or co-workers. This therapy will help patients become more sensitive when interacting or resolving conflicts with others. And there is many more types of psychotherapy you can search in a valid data.

Of course, in applying this therapy, further assessment is still needed to determine the type of psychotherapy that will be given to clients in need. And of course also only a professional such as a psychiatrist or psychologist who can conduct an assessment and provide psychotherapy to clients.


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