The meaning of life are things that are considered very important and valuable and provide special value for a person, so that they are worthy of being a goal in life (the purpose in life) (Bastaman, 2007). The meaning of life according to Frankl (in Schultz, 1991) is an effort to fulfill self and self-actualization by not focusing on the self but by living the quality and purpose of life.

The meaning of life is very unique and unique to each individual and can be expressed in all situations, including suffering and death. The meaning of life and its sources can be found in life itself, especially in the work and devotional work performed, as well as in belief and hope and truth and appreciation of beauty, faith, and love. If it is successfully fulfilled, it will cause a person to feel a meaningful life and in the end will cause feelings of happiness (happiness).

Happiness is not a goal, but a side effect of the meaning of life that humans have achieved. Happiness cannot be pursued and captured, it arises spontaneously from the fulfillment of meaning, from achieving goals outside of oneself (Frankl, 1967). The meaning of life contains an understanding which shows that the meaning of life is also contained in the purpose of life, namely things that need to be achieved and fulfilled. . Given that the meaning of life and the purpose of life cannot be separated, for practical purposes the meaning of “meaning of life” and “purpose of life” are equated.


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