I have worked at Cendekia Harapan School for 6 months now, so many experiences and lessons have been obtained. When I entered CH for the first time I felt that I could not survive in Cendekia Harapan because of my limited ability and education. But time goes by and I am still allowed to adjust, I learn many things at CH, Love, patient, responsible, creative and many good things I found at CH. I am grateful because at CH I found the best version of me, I get better in manage time, and manage myself. While at CH, I felt like every day I faced new things, then I have to learn and always be my best experience. CH have treated and created me better, with the various training provided, and the experiences that I get. Becoming a teacher for me is not easy, the patience that needs to be formed to be more patient in educating children, and fully responsible for improving children’s education. I don’t know, maybe because this is my first experience as a teacher, and I got it at CH which is an SPK school, and of course, it’s different from the national schools. There were many mistakes I made, both in educating and in additional work such as making videos and post-tests, because of my limited skills, education, and experience, but from those mistakes I still tried to learn to be better, also with the help of the team. which is very supportive, care, and respectful. Working at CH is my best experience that I have ever because I got so many good things especially CH improves my knowledge.