We always aim to be an institution that excels in education, yet there’s always something to improve on. That is why we welcome all the help we can get.

As we work towards the same goal of providing the best education possible for our children, we would love to collaborate with you and improve to be better, faster, in many ways. Our growth is attributed to your input, no matter what size or form, it makes a difference.

How you can support us?

  1. Feedback. Your input matters to us. Please share your experience with us throughout the various aspects of services in CH and how we might improve.
  2. Donate. A place where everyone gets what they deserve, education. A home where thinkers and doers emerge to build a better world. That is CH. Every contribution you make makes a positive impact.
  3. Collaborate with Us. Become our partner in the journey of making quality education increasingly accessible.
  4. Join the CH Team. We are always looking for passionate, creative, and people with a drive in education who are ready to grow and revolutionize education. If that sounds anything like you, consider joining us now.
  5. Post. Your stories matter. Your opinions matter. Your critiques matter. We’re all ears.