The Corona COVID-19 pandemic that has hit Indonesia since March 2020 has caused many changes in society. Not only have to adapt to the new 3M habits (wearing masks, washing hands with soap and keeping a distance), but also facing big changes in the field of education.

Education is one of the fields that has experienced the most significant changes. The government’s policy of ordering students to study from home has taken many by surprise.

Learning at home with Distance Learning is a new thing for most education stakeholders. All parties, from schools, teachers, students to parents, must be prepared with this kind of learning model.

Distance learning is actually not something really new. Previously, several campuses had held distance learning. Generally for employee classes.

But for the lower levels, starting from PAUD, elementary to middle school, distance learning is certainly a new thing. Students and teachers must be able to adapt to these changes. Learning that was previously carried out offline in classrooms has now turned into online learning through various information and communication technologies.

As a new thing, of course there are many obstacles. Starting from technical issues such as the device used to the level of learning effectiveness. During nearly 1.5 years of distance learning, many studies have shown that distance learning reduces student achievement.

Not only academic problems are hampered during the implementation of distance learning. There are also many obstacles in communication between teachers and parents during distance learning. It is undeniable, distance learning makes communication between teachers and parents often misunderstood. This of course should not be allowed. A strategy is needed to build good communication between teachers and parents.

The strategy in building good communication between teachers and parents during Pjj is to build positive communication. Positive communication is communication that has the following characteristics.

  1. Clear message
  2. Complete message
  3. The right message
  4. Reliability
  5. Consider the recipient of the message
  6. The manners of the sender of the message

This is the strategy to build communication between teachers and parents during distance learning, with the hope that through positive communication between teachers and parents during distance learning, it can help smooth the educational process in the midst of this pandemic.