Steve’s Intelligent Perspective

Intelligence level is often associated with a person’s level of success. That’s why we all go to school right? To guarantee our future. But in fact, many intelligent people are not successful in life. Meanwhile, there are people who are considered to be less intelligent who can be very successful in life. The common explanation is that intelligence is not just IQ, but there is EQ and various others. However, Steve Jobs has his own definition of the meaning of the word smart. This definition is what made Steve Jobs a modern era genius who was able to make the most valuable company in history.

“Those who are smart have the ability to zoom out, like being in a city and you can see everything because you are standing on an 80-story building located in the middle of the city. And while other people are looking for a way to get from point A to point B by reading the small map in their hand, you already see the path clearly and completely in front of you because you can see everything ”. That’s why according to Steve, intelligent people are able to make connections that seem obvious to them but seem confusing to others. This is because smart people develop zoom-out skills so they get a better view of the big picture.

How can you be the person Steve considers to be such a smart person? It turns out that the answer is closely related to having a unique life experience. Said Steve “If you have the same set of experiences as everyone else, then chances are you will make the same connections with other people, so you don’t become innovative.” Then maybe you need to go to Paris to become a poet there for a few years or maybe you can go to another country to deepen the skills that you want to deepen for a long time. A study by Nieb, et al. 2015 concluded that “Openness to experience is the best predictor of a person’s high performance when in work situations that require creativity.” The study also found that such broad social interactions would be very helpful. This of course agrees with Steve Jobs’s opinion, that people who are open to new experiences and social interactions will seek out the most interesting and non-standard situations in their life and as a result, they get invaluable wealth. It also explains why so many successful businessmen like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos are book readers. Books are the easiest way for an introvert to gather unique insights that shape their own world view, though they expand their mental knowledge.

So, it makes sense if someone reads a hundred classic business books, and then finally he can see the movement of the trend so as to be able to seize opportunities before anyone else. Of course, books need to be equipped with a variety of experiences, there is much we can learn from the experience of making friends with people who have different backgrounds from us. Also from situations from the environment, we are not used to before. During college, Steve Jobs traveled to India to study Zen and eastern philosophy, which influence the design of all Apple products to this day. Steve once said, “Creativity is just connecting things”, what distinguishes Steve Jobs from other people is that he has very many “things” with various forms, so it is only natural when he connects these “things” and the result is a masterpiece of innovation that changes the world.

In conclusion, if you want to be a smart person as intended like Steve Jobs then multiply out of your social group, meet and look for people who are different from you, listen and understand their point of view, multiply on new things that are not only knowledge. monotonous. See the world around you as a whole, don’t get stuck in one narrow perspective, then connect the “things” creatively and produce innovative masterpieces that can change your life and those around you for the better.