Stala House, was officially established on 24 January 2024.

Motivated by the awareness of unaddressed psychological issues among children and teenagers, the long-standing desire to establish Stala as a Wellness and Psychological Center became a reality in early 2024. The pervasive and urgent use of technology by teenagers has given rise to new challenges, often leading to specific complexities rarely handled professionally. Recognizing the scarcity of services catering to troubled youth in the Jimbaran area, especially considering diverse cultural backgrounds and English language proficiency, the initiative to fill this gap has been actively pursued since 2023, culminating in the opening of Stala.

Embarking on a transformative journey to inner peace and well-being at the soft opening of Stala – Your sanctuary for mind, body, and soul Starting 5 February 2024. 🌿✨ #StalaHouse #PsychologicalCenter