By Aubrey Nabila Rayza,Working Students Reporter

Meet Claire Valerie Saputra, a motivated sixth grader at CH who believes starting a thesis at a young age has many benefits. All sixth graders at our school are engaged in thesis projects, setting us apart from others. While most her age might not know what a thesis is, Claire and her classmates are learning to research, argue, and present findings.

Claire reflects on the challenges of researching theories. “At first, it was hard,” she said, “but I started to get the hang of it.” Now she can agree or disagree with her theory, showing growth in this endeavor.

She believes starting thesis work early is beneficial. “5-6th graders can start trying because it’s useful for the future,” she said. Claire offers tips: “Find reliable information, an interesting topic, and a theory to solve the problem.”

With her dedication, Claire proves young minds can handle scholarly challenges. Many schools lack such programs, but at CH, students gain valuable skills beyond basic coursework. This early exposure could give Claire and her classmates a head start in their education.