About Us

CH was founded on the need of inclusive quality education. We are a home for all, welcoming people from all backgrounds. We are here to give everyone room to grow and equip them with the skills to flourish and excel as themselves through personalized, internationally recognized education.

Our goal: to make a better world through education, research, and community service. We are explorers and inventors, inspired by nature and technology, welcoming people with drive regardless of where they come from.

CH Values

Our values are the foundation of our educational journey. We believe in fostering excellence, nurturing creativity, and promoting inclusivity. Integrity, compassion, and continuous learning are at the heart of everything we do. These values inspire our students and guide our educators, creating an environment where everyone thrives, learns, and grows together.



Viewing challenges as growth opportunities, emphasizing logical problem-solving by identifying root causes, developing effective solutions, and fostering a proactive, innovative mindset to prevent recurring issues.



Taking responsibility for actions, providing objective feedback, and maintaining transparent communication within the organization.



Being proactive to improve work, staying curious and humble to learn and grow, aligning actions with the organization’s goals, and using feedback effectively.



Focused on delivering the best experience for stakeholders, including students, parents, and the CH team. Tasks are done efficiently, with objectivity and openness to feedback.



Dealing with tough situations directly, not avoiding them. Being persistent with difficult tasks and having a long-term perspective. Making smart decisions even when feeling pressured.



Communicate clearly with everyone, work well with others, set a good example, and be open to sharing with sincerity.

CH Principles

The pillars of our ethos, guiding every decision and defining our commitment to excellence in education. These principles serve as our compass, ensuring consistency and purpose in every endeavor.

Cloud-driven Operations

Embracing technology as means to respond to the needs of digital society, being thorough and timely

Express School Spirit

Champion the school’s culture, identify, and achievements with a sense of pride and ownership, while continually striving for excellence in sharing our story.

Think Outside the Box

  • Be proactive to improve how we work in CH
  • Embody innovative spirit by seeking creative ways to solve problems

Make Learning Easy and Open

  • Treat stakeholders with mutual respect and continuously maintain great relationship
  • Obsessed to provide best experience for our stakeholders (Students, Parents, and fellow CH team)

Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Execute all tasks with high ownership and excellence
  • Step out your comfort zone, never be satisfied with current state, and keep fighting with the underdog spirit

Adaptive to Change

Embrace change positively and see problems as opportunities and excited with ambiguity

Unified Teamwork

Be curious and humble to learn like a student and sincere to share like a teacher

Dynamic & Agile

Deliver effective win-win solutions with in a timely & responsive manner

Find Career Opportunities

We offer more than just jobs; we provide pathways to meaningful, rewarding careers. Discover a career that goes beyond the ordinary. Be part of an institution that values your unique talents and encourages your personal and professional growth.

Reasons to Join Us

Join us and be part of a dynamic team that values growth, balance, and societal impact. Experience unparalleled benefits, opportunities, and a purpose-driven work culture.