Health is something that everyone wants. Because by being healthy a person will be able to carry out his role to the fullest. But not infrequently, the disease can appear in a person. In this case the disease that can also arise from a person is not only physical disease but also mental health disorders. The prevalence of mental disorders worldwide according to WHO data (World Health Organization) in 2019, there were 264 million people experiencing depression, 45 million people suffering from bipolar disorder, 50 million people experiencing dementia, and 20 million people experiencing schizophrenia.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than a quarter of adults in the United States experience depression, anxiety, or other mental disorders in any given year. In Indonesia itself, according to the 2013 Basic Health Research Data, the prevalence of severe mental disorders in Indonesia reached 1.7 per mile. Based on the 2013 Basic Health Research data, the prevalence of severe mental disorders in Indonesia reached 1.7 per mile. This needs to be a common concern for the community. Moreover, coupled with the occurrence of a pandemic that has struck for almost 3 years, more and more people are experiencing mental health problems. Therefore we need a way so that someone who has mental health disorders can recover quickly so that they can carry out their roles optimally again. One way that can be used to overcome this is by doing psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy, or often referred to as talk therapy or psychological therapy, is one of the common methods used to treat various psychiatric problems, such as severe stress, depression, and anxiety disorders. Psychotherapy is usually done individually, but sometimes it can also be done in groups. Psychotherapy can help relieve or control bothersome symptoms, so the person can function better and can improve their well-being and recovery. In Psychotherapy itself there are so many types that can be used according to needs when carrying out psychotherapy procedures. One type of psychotherapy that can be used is behavioral psychotherapy. In short, behavior therapy is approaches to counseling and psychotherapy related to changing behavior. The approaches, techniques, and procedures taken are rooted in various theories about learning.

Given that mental health is as important as physical health, let’s take good care of our mental health so that we can be more productive and avoid all mental health disorders.


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