A lively welcome to the CH Family, CH was built on the notion that everyone, regardless of their background deserves an education of the highest quality possible. Many locals, like myself, have been segregated and discriminated, for just trying to provide the best education for my own child. Our school was designed to unlock the fullest potential of children with its high-quality teaching, learning, and prepared environment. Students get to explore and learn about the world, with the fully-equipped laboratories, variety of musical instruments, recording studio, and 6 acres of green. With the philosophy that every child is unique and lead by their inner teacher, we strive to cultivate independent and lifelong learners. We also have a curriculum that integrates both national and international education, namely Cambridge Assessment International, Oxford AQA, and Pearson Edexcel. All of which are all internationally recognised, to facilitate the global citizens nurtured at this school. Whether you are looking for a school with an international education, a place to hone your knowledge, or a place to create, innovate, and explore the endless possibilities then welcome home.

Dr. Lidia Sandra, M.Comp.Eng.Sc.