1.1 Background

The Power of Photography is an album filled with more or equivalent to 15 pictures, all pictures are taken not by others. The album has two edition, which are Dark Photo edition and CH Family edition from total of 5 album, three of them hasn’t been made. Its album is simple black, with writings of the description like ISO, shutter speed, f-stop and others. The writings are hand written in silver and gold pen.

Taking pictures are one of my stress reliever. It helps me to temporary forget all the heavy things in life, I know myself that eventually I will have to go through it but taking all things in once would not help either. Photography is not just about taking pictures, but it is also to show image, awareness, expressions, feelings, or even uniqueness of something or someone.

I would like to thank my dad mostly for helping me with some ideas and helped me with album suggestions, my sisters for being the model for Dark Photo edition, and helped me with light timings. I also would like to thank everyone in the album to make such good expressions to make the album very interesting to see.

1.2 Purpose of Study

  1. I choose this challenge to deliver entertainment to people and to show that photography is not just about taking photos but addressing problems (awareness, feelings, etc)
  2. A personal purpose of making this album is to improve my photography skills and creative skills in decoration the album.


1.3 Benefits of Study

  1. To help me release temporary stress, adds experiences such as photo hunting and to fill my head with more knowledge. It also can be an implicit way to give message to create movement towards anything.
  2. Helps preserve memories.



  • Photography is about producing art, created with the collaboration of light and or electromagnetic energy with a camera.[1] There are two types, which is the hunter and photographer.[2] Hunters are the ones who take pictures in order to catch moments without thinking of it being aesthetic. While photographer keeps in mind the angle, color, amount of light and is neat.

My challenge is more to photographer style as I had controlled the camera manually (amount of light, angle, etc)

  • Photography’s can differ due to its object and situation. If the object is wild animals, it is called wild photography, if it’s in the dark, dark photography, underwater is underwater photography, if the object is not moving still photography.





3.1 Time and Place

I started this challenge from the start of term one which is on July 24, 2018. This challenge is due the end of first semester, November 2018. I took photos whenever an idea pops up, especially at home. Other places are Muaya Beach, an empty field near Taman Rama school, Pasar Kreneng – Asoka in Denpasar, Light Festival in Nusa Dua, school (CH) and basketball field in Politeknik Jimbaran. The dark photography was conducted at night time, around 20:00 till finish. While the other album was took when the sun is up, from morning till afternoon.

3.2 Tools and Materials

The tools and materials I need and used is a camera (DSLR), a tripod, powerful torch, colored plastic (used for binding reports), printer, laptop (editing RAW to JPEG and giving watermarks to every pictures), cutter, ruler, photo paper (glossy), a plain file, black paper, silver and gold pen and washi tapes.


3.3 Procedure

  1. First, I wrote down what I can do for dark photography, like techniques and ideas. After so, I discussed with my dad about it so that we can prepare the equipment we need.
  2. Next, we go to the perfect place to make our ideas to life.
  3. After taking them, change the file format from RAW to JPEG, edit its size and add Miu Photography watermark with Adobe Photoshop.
  4. Print out the picture with glossy paper and cut them cleanly with a cutter and ruler.
  5. Get ready with black paper that has already been cut and stick the photos based on the dates.
  6. After so, write the description (Title, Location, Camera Model, ISO, Shutter speed and F-stop) with silver pen.
  7. Then decorate it with gold pen and washi tapes.
  8. After so, put them in to the plain file based on the dates.




4.1 Result

The final product is a black file with a the title handwritten in a name card size paper, one is Power of Photography, Dark Photo edition and the other one is Power of Photography, CH Family edition. Its title is in both front and side. Although it looks plain but the inside is well decorated and clear to read.

Each file will have the value of Rp. 144,000 for its equipment and tools used and my efforts on taking pictures. It is also because it has the use of preserving memories, where some may forget.


4.2 Discussion 

These two albums have its strengths and weaknesses. The strength is that each pictures has different technique on taking the picture especially on the dark photography and different angles in CH Family album. Also, each picture has its description. It can be a guide for those who wants to take those kind of photos. This album also proves that a camera is an extraordinary invention ever created. Despite that, it has some flaws.

It has a flaw where some of the pictures has the same concept or looks. This can be seen as lack of different ideas. Its other weakness is that the inequality of the handwriting size and font. It would have been better using computer and print them but in order to make myself busy and productive, I chose to write.




5.1 Conclusion

     To conclude, this product was made: 1. To prove that a photography is not JUST taking photos, 2. To preserve memories we could not, 3. To show awareness or give image to the viewers. Although it has weaknesses, this product was made with full effort and determination.

5.2 Suggestion

      For the next three albums, I would like to write down all ideas that could be used for those three album, more than needed as possible, making sure each of them is a different one. Also to improve my handwriting size and fonts. I could improve by drawing faint lines before writing so that it will stay straight and the same size.




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