I am grateful for the successful completion of this thesis. I am also grateful to my parents for their help with my dissertation. And I hope this paper will be useful for my knowledge and experience in the future.

I would also like to thank the professor who guided me in the preparation of this thesis. Without you, I don’t think we would have even been able to ask questions.


Bali, November 20, 2016

Rei Itou, Rushiya Oda and Miu Nakamatsu


Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to solve cases, share our thoughts and opinion, giving our critics as well with solution to everyone about Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go is a smartphone game that was published on 22 July 2016 and began to reach top 1 instantly in 14 hours. But Pokémon Go has caused some big problem starting from a house that was turned into a gym (in Pokémon World) to a rumor about CIA working together with Pokémon Go. We suggest that before installing the game, is to read the instructions to make sure it is safe or not. But if it was necessary to play, we suggest to make different account that is not personal. About safeties, we should always think when to play. Like Is it good to play now/here? Is it safe for me and for the others?

We conclude that it is true that our information is been taken therefore, it is important to always read the agreement in any game from now on. From these cases we would like to give our opinion and think openly through all the subjects we learn in Cendekia Harapan Junior High School, Grade 8.


Keyword: Pokémon Go, Pokémon.

  1. Introduction

Pokémon Go is causing a stir in the world, such as two men falling off a cliff chasing Pokémon in San Diego, and a house set in a gym (a place where Pokémon fight in the game). Pokémon Go is a game that allows you to experience catching, trading, and battling Pokemon in the real world itself by utilizing location information. The game doesn’t end on a monitor, players can actually go outside their homes to find Pokémon and meet other players. However, there are rumors that Pokémon Go is a collection of information by the US government.

  1. The game that became the best game in the world in 14 hours.

On February 27, 1996, Pokemon Red and Green were created[1]. After that, Pokemon Blue (October 15, 1996 [2]), Pokemon Pikachu (September 12, 1998 [3]), Pokemon Gold and Silver (November 21, 1999 [4]), Pokemon Crystal (2000) December 14, 2002 [5]), Pokémon Ruby Sapphire (November 21, 2002 [6]), Pokémon Fire Red Leaf Green (January 29, 2004 [7]), Pokémon Emerald (September 2004) Month 16 [8]), Pokémon Diamond Pearl (September 28, 2006 [9]), Pokémon Platinum (September 13, 2008 [10]), Pokémon Heart Gold Soul Silver (September 12, 2009) Day [11]), Pokemon Black and White (September 18, 2010 [12]), Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 (June 23, 2012 [13]), Pokemon X and Y (October 12, 2013) Day [14]), Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire (November 21, 2014 [15]), Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, Pikachu (February 27, 2016 [16]), Pokémon Go (7, 2016) In about 20 years, 18 series of Pokemon games have been made, with Pokemon Sun and Moon (November 18, 2016 [18]).

  1. How to play Pokémon Go.

In order to catch a Pokémon, you must first find it. You can catch Pokemon by tapping Pokemon displayed on the map and throwing a Poké Ball when the screen to catch Pokemon appears [19].


When the ball runs out, approach the PokéStop and tap it, flick the medal-like object in the middle, and you can get items and balls. Experience points are also available[20].

You can increase CP by strengthening your Pokemon. Not only size and weight, but also the CP value at the time of capture differs for each Pokemon, and there are cases where the CP value exceeds 600 when captured (unenhanced state). These numbers are tied to your trainer level.

When the trainer level reaches 5, it becomes possible to fight in the gym divided into teams red, blue, and yellow. When attacking a gym occupied by the enemy team, you can first select the 6 Pokemon you got and challenge the battle. During battle, tap the screen to attack, and swipe left or right to dodge enemy attacks. Once you’ve conquered a gym, you can set up the Pokemon you got and make that gym your team’s color. Also, by conquering gyms, you can get coins that can be used to buy monster balls.

You can check nearby Pokemon by tapping the icon at the bottom right of the screen. One footprint indicates that the Pokemon is within a radius of 100m.


  1. About Monster Ball.

A monster ball is a ball used to catch Pokémon. The volume of the monster ball is 20.7cm3/2.50in. It weighs 156.4g/5.53oz. The diameter is 6.35cm/8.18cm. The circumference is 19.9cm/7.85cm. This ball can hold and carry Pokemon of any size.

The Poké Ball has a reflective glass that can reflect energy and light back to the Pokémon.


  1. Original idea

Junichi Masuda (born January 12, 1968 in Yokohama, Japan) is a game music composer and game creator, currently 48 years old. Masuda’s childhood experience of returning to Kyushu, where his relatives live, and spending time fishing and catching insects with his cousins ​​influenced his video game design[21]. Mr. Masuda attended the Japan Electronics College in Shinjuku, Tokyo[22], and has published works such as Mendel Palace (1989), Yoshi (1991), Magical Taruruuto – kun (1992), Mario &Wario (1993), Pulseman (1994), Pokemon series. (1996 – 2016), Bushiseiryuden (1997), Drill Dozer (2005), HarmoKnight (2012) and Tembo the Badass Elephant (2015). Mr. Masuda learned 3D programming, mathematical game construction such as normal vectors and matrices, and how to draw illustrations on UNIX (OS) [23].

After joining Game Freak in 1989[24], the company went on to develop the Pokémon series, creating Pokémon Red and Green[25]. When he first released Pokemon, Mr. Masuda was mainly in charge of game music, but later became a producer and released many series [26]. His ideas were inspired by observing real life and how to draw objects on the go[27].

In 2015, Nintendo first announced a smartphone game, and in 2016 it released Pokémon Go. Nintendo stock performance increased thanks to Pokémon Go.

  1. Pokémon Go: Events.

According to Selvapari Radhakrishnan’s theory, religion is made out of spiritual experiences. Arceus is said to be the god who created Pokémon, the universe, and humans in the Pokémon world. You can create a religion based on Pokemon. However, according to the 20th chapter of Egypt, it is forbidden to make images of any other gods than Jesus Christ.

I made a graph based on the results of interviews with 3rd to 5th graders at our school. It was found that 8 out of 24 third graders, 4 out of 24 fourth graders, and 9 out of 19 fifth graders played. I asked him why he was playing Pokémon Go. The reasons I answered were, “Because it’s fun, the Pokemon are cute, I can kill my free time, I was told to play outside, so I enjoy the surroundings like an adventure, and I love playing games!”

Pokémon Go is now the second most downloaded app in the world. However, various problems have arisen involving Pokémon Go.

  • Two men fall off a cliff while chasing Pokémon.

A 21-year-old and a 22-year-old man who were chasing Pokémon on a nearby cliff in a certain sea in San Diego accidentally fell off a cliff [28]. The men fell 15 to 30 meters, and although the extent of their injuries has not been made public, they appear to be non-life threatening.[29] He was rescued by firefighters and taken to the hospital.

For example, in Indonesia, helping people is the most important thing. Therefore, whatever the reason, we can become ‘Persatuan Indonesia’ (Indonesia’s Five Principles No. 3) by helping those in need.

  • Boon Sheridan’s house was set up as a gym.

Gyms are often set in public places such as churches, but for some reason Boon Sheridan’s house was turned into a gym. Boon Sheridan’s house was a renovated old church. Apparently this happened because Pokémon Go used an old map[30].

  • The deceased was Keita Noritake, a 9-year-old fourth grader. On the evening of October 26, while leaving school, he was hit by a truck at a city road intersection and was confirmed dead at a hospital.

According to Sponichi, the man who was arrested on suspicion of violating the Car Driving Punishment Act said, “I put my smartphone on the passenger seat and played Pokémon Go while charging. [31]

“I want you to take measures so that you can’t operate anything once you get in the car so that you don’t make any more sacrifices.” On the 28th, Keita’s father, Takatoshi (46), clutched Keita’s tragically deformed water bottle and cried in tears. “Otherwise, Keita wouldn’t be able to float [32].” Takachi asked the police in Nagoya not to play Pokémon Go while he was driving, and now Pokémon Go itself is in the car. has been improved to not work [33].

But Pokémon Go also has its benefits.


If a person who decides to catch 10 Pokémon every day wants to lose 0.45 kg, it will take 29.6 days for a man and 35 days for a woman. If you catch 100 Pokémon in a day, you can lose 0.45 kg in 3 days for men and 3.5 days for women.

Walking is good for obese people because it strengthens the heart and helps you lose weight. The healthier you are, the less likely you are to get sick.

A heart attack is a weakening of the heart due to hardening of the arteries caused by high levels of cholesterol in the blood. Walking strengthens the movement of the heart and increases blood flow, which reduces arteriosclerosis and leads to a healthy body. This prevents oxygen and nutrients from entering the heart by causing the plaque to block the artery and stop the movement of the defect. [34]. According to the US Department of Health and Human Service, if a person who weighs 200 pounds suddenly starts walking 1.5 miles, the simple calculation is that they will lose 14 pounds per year [35].

Walking can smooth out your respiratory system. Breathing air makes your lungs stronger and less likely to get sick.

  • Can Pokemon photosynthesize?

Photosynthesis is a reaction in which glucose and oxygen are produced from water and carbon dioxide using light energy. The starch that plants make is made from this glucose [36]. Pokémon recover their health through photosynthesis. The stronger the light energy, the more active the photosynthetic reaction [37]. This makes them less effective at night [38].


  1. Spyware: Problems and Solutions

News has been reported that Pokémon Go may be spyware. You have to create an account to play Pokémon Go. You will need to enter your date of birth and email. The game cannot be played unless the location information function is also turned on. It could be a game to observe how people behave.

However, Snoopwall’s (cybersecurity firm) Gary Milewski said that when he scanned Pokémon Go, it didn’t appear to be spyware. However, you don’t need your email or date of birth to play the game, so to protect your personal information as much as possible, you should exclude those registrations when creating an account. According to Aristotle, we need happiness to be human. But the CIA is taking advantage of that happiness and taking classified information illegally. According to Galileo, humans have a personal space, and humans feel uncomfortable when others enter it. So I think we should be able to play the game without our personal information.

When playing Pokémon Go, it’s important to look at the road. Let’s wear it today so that various accidents do not happen. Finding happiness is important, but make safety a goal for others and yourself.

  1. In conclusion

With that said, there is no need to worry that Pokémon Go is spyware, but it is true that personal information is taken, and it may be used in unexpected ways. Therefore, it is important to read and agree to the agreement before playing the game. However, in this day and age, the Internet is flooded with information about us through SNS, etc., so it may be too late. So I don’t think it will have much impact if personal information is taken by Pokémon Go.


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