Parents and teachers should collaborate seamlessly in order to achieve the best education for the children. Without proper collaboration, it will not be achieved. It is important as both an educator for the children to have the same mission and vision towards the best education.

PALS stands for Parents and Teachers as Learners Family, which an attempt for both to be able to provide as an educator to the children. In CH, we believe that education does not stop when school is over, children will keep on learning wherever they are. To have parents as a collaborator in educating children is very important as they are the ones with their child all the time at home.


There are multiple activities that CH held together with parents. Sharing session brings parents expertise in their own field to be shared with the others with the goal of being a better educator, teachers are also taking in the part to be able to learn from each other. Live seminar with an expert teacher on handling children, starting with how to be prepared with new normal parenting to understanding tech-savvies to overcome the age gap boundaries between parents and children.

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