Many people misunderstand the purpose of learning, where they only hope to get good grades and satisfactory academic achievement. That’s not entirely wrong, it’s just not right if the focus is only on value. Given, learning activities in the classroom have a broader purpose.

There are things that are no less important than academic achievement, namely the development of a good mental attitude and ready to face the future. To achieve broader learning objectives, students must have the mindset that the process is more valuable than the results. Because the process will shape themselves to be better, whereas if they focus on results, they will do various ways (even bad ways) to get those results.

As a teacher, you must also be able to motivate students to keep learning in order to gain new knowledge. Instill in students that learning is a mandatory activity that must be done. Tell them learning is not only at school, but can be done at home independently.

By knowing the broad learning objectives, it can provide opportunities for students to develop intelligence, train thinking skills, and improve the ability to process information. It’s not enough to stop there, the purpose of learning also provides freedom for someone to know many things and new insights to be applied in everyday life.

The purpose of studying various kinds of science and knowledge is to develop human intelligence. Because there is a lot of knowledge or insight stored in this world, what we have is only a small part, so that every individual must learn even forever. For students, learning is not focused on the subject matter in books, but students can develop the material by studying it on the internet or observing in the surrounding environment.

The more often you study, the ability to understand knowledge will increase, a person can think logically and can make the right decisions in his life. Therefore, instill a mindset in your students that learning is an obligation to sharpen intelligence and can provide various benefits for life.

Furthermore, learning also has a goal to perform critical and logical thinking skills. The reason is, the more often someone learns, the brain will get used to thinking and solving problems, so that it continues to hone and train thinking skills.

For example, when someone is conducting scientific research, he or she is encouraged to carry out learning stages starting from designing strategies, collecting data, conducting analysis and drawing conclusions from what has been researched. Each of these stages has the benefit of training logical, systematic thinking, generalizations and looking for evidence. From this, it can be said that science teaches someone to think well about different phenomena using logical, true and provable findings.

As educators, you must be able to improve students’ academic abilities and shape their character to become good and useful individuals in the future. The reason is, after graduating from education, students will plunge into social life directly, where they must have a strong mentality to be able to adapt.

This relates to the purpose of learning as a way to develop better adaptability. In this case, learning activities in the classroom must be carried out optimally and effectively to open one’s horizons and provide a broader view. This helps students to be ready for various kinds of changes that may come in the future.

The more often and more they learn, the more provisions they have to deal with change. Because basically, life will always develop dynamically so that it encourages humans to have good adaptability. Someone who studies diligently has broad insight and an open mind, so they are ready to accept and cope with change.

Someone who studies diligently has a broad perspective, this can also develop their creativity. By being a creative individual, one can live life peacefully and easily, because every problem can be solved in a creative way from a different point of view. Therefore, it is not surprising that some say that the purpose of education is to achieve a happy life.

That is, a happy life can be seen from how we judge life itself. A person who continues to learn will realize how big the world is, and the problems in their life are only a small part that can be solved in a creative way. That’s a different point of view.

The purpose of further learning is to increase one’s attitude of independence. By having a lot of knowledge and experience, they are more daring to do it themselves and become more disciplined. Of course, to carry out learning activities on a regular basis, one must be able to manage time well and take the time to study a field that he likes.

Good time management by putting aside other activities and choosing to do the important things first and focus on learning activities helps a person become more disciplined. If this activity continues to be implemented and improved, then a person will become more independent in organizing himself.

To achieve this learning goal, support from the teacher is needed, where you also don’t just focus on student grades, but pay more attention to their learning process. Also create fun and exciting learning activities so that students feel addicted to learning.