Perhaps for some students, memorization-based lessons such as social science are boring and not challenging. Most children are more interested in exact sciences such as mathematics, chemistry, or physics. Why? because these lessons have methods such as solving puzzles, where the answers have been obtained, there will be a feeling of relief like having just finished a puzzle.

What about social science? Generally, social science demands a high ability to memorize, especially complex terms used to describe or infer certain conditions. Not to mention the demands for deeper analysis and reasoning to get answers, so there is no definite formula for getting answers in social science.

One of the main keys that I have learned over the years as a social science student is that high memorization skills are needed. One of my teachers once said, “memorizing does seem trivial, but to understand something at least you have to memorize it first”.

So I have tips that can be used for students to easily memorize lessons, these can be useful both for social science or exact studies.
The easy way is to link or associate something you want to remember with something else. For example, if you want to memorize a queen heart card, so you associate it with ‘a girl who falls in love’. So you can remember girl = queen, fall in love = heart

I also told this to my student, one day I teach my students to remember the distribution map of fauna. In it, there are terms such as “Ethiopian Region”, “Oriental Region”, “Australis Region”, etc.
How could you remember the fauna that lives in each of these areas?
Easy! We take the example of the Ethiopian region which covers parts of Africa.
The way to do this is to start with the word ‘Ethiopia’ which is we know as one of the countries on the African continent, what is the first thing you can imagine when talking about fauna and Africa? yep! savanna! What kind of fauna usually live in the savanna? cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, lions, etc.
Easy, right?! Next, with the Oriental region which covers parts of Asia.
how to remember the faunas that live there? Starting from the word ‘Oriental’. People used to say ‘oriental face’ to refers to the face shape of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean people.
Then we have got the first clue, which is Asia! What kind of fauna live in Asia? Panda, monkey, deer, elephant, etc.

This technique is also used by Dominic Brian, a child who famously broke the world record in 60 seconds of remembering a random 76-number combination in 2009. He says the secret is to associate the numbers into a story.

Happy Trying!