Having a healthy marriage is the result of strong and healthy communication efforts. A healthy marriage cannot be created just one night, but must always be maintained in harmony by trying to establish relationships and have good communication. Of course, a harmonious and healthy marriage is everyone’s dream, but unfortunately there are various things that happen that make a marriage not harmonious. Inharmonious marriages often result in discord between partners and this can get worse and even end in divorce.

One way that can be taken if a husband and wife experience a problem and cannot find a solution, then they can undergo a counseling session. Marriage counseling or also known as marriage counseling is a type of psychotherapy. Marriage counseling helps couples of all types to be able to recognize and resolve conflicts and be able to improve good relationships with their partners. Through marriage counseling, the counselee is expected to be able to make wise decisions in rebuilding to strengthen the counselee’s relationship with his partner. Marriage counseling must be given by a counselor who has a license to carry out marriage counseling, this permission can be obtained when you have taken professional education studying marriage counseling. Marriage counseling is often short term. Marriage counseling usually involves both partners, but sometimes only one partner chooses to do the counseling alone. The plan for implementing counseling specifically depends on the agreement of the situation.

The purpose of marriage counseling for married couples who are experiencing problems in their marriage is to help husband and wife find solutions to household problems from the perspective of a third party/counselor, to be an effective means of communication between husband and wife who have been in conflict for a long time, and to be a neutral intermediary to avoid conflict. things that have the potential to lead to divorce. In addition, marriage counseling can also help counselees who are planning to get married. there may be some people who are nervous or unsure about the decision to get married, some counselees usually do marriage counseling to strengthen their relationship and get a better understanding of their partners with each other, and can help counselees reach a deeper understanding with their partners. each other in overcoming differences before marriage. By obtaining a way out of a problem faced by the couple, it can be said that the marriage counseling session has been completed. Furthermore, the client can carry out transfer of learning when new problems arise in the future.


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