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Born from knowing that the future is an ever-changing place, nothing will be the same, and the dynamic movement of any kind of industry is ongoing. We need a way of learning which supports the needs of the future in the best way possible.

Why Makerspace?

Makerspace is a class in CH which provides a learning way that is best supporting the needs of the future. Some of the top skills that are needed for the future are complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, coordinating with others, emotional intelligence, judgement and decision making, service orientation, negotiation, and cognitive flexibility. These skills are the goals that we are going to achieve with Makerspace.

Ingredients and Mechanism

As a Makerspace students, in order to achieve the goals stated above. Clear planning is needed to be able to reach it. At the beginning of their journey, they are able to choose any specialties that they want to bring and what kind of assessment they want to have. These assessments will assess both the process and the final product of each student. The products also could be different choices such as debate, challenge, project, or PBL.


There are multiple events that are being held throughout the year, ranging from seminar to an exhibition or competition. Click the button below to access our calendar and get a notification.

Creations and Publication

The products of Makerspace students are ranging from different studies and industries. Depending on their choice, they can make technological advancements that will ease our daily life such as:

  1. A self-opening trash can,
  2. Humidity sensor for soil,
  3. Self-driving car,
  4. and much more.

They could also go to the route of biological science such as:

  1. Creating herbal drinks,
  2. Organic soap,
  3. Organic mosquito repellant
  4. and others.

Not only that, but they could also focus more on research and academic writing and create a much more diverse topic of publication ranging from newspaper articles to scientific journals. They are allowed to create and debate existing ideas through their own glasses with proper knowledge on the topic, some of the titles that these students already write are:

  1. Globalization Does Not Harm Indonesian Culture,
  2. The Negative Aspects of Lack of Sleep,
  3. How Does Social Media Change Female Body Image and How Does it Affect Young Women?
  4. Critical Review on Geoff Colvin’s Perspective on Talent,
  5. Entering the Future,
  6. The Happening of World War 3,
  7. Is the Nature Versus Nurture Debate Fundamental or Trivial to Sociology?
  8. Perjalanan Zigot, Embrio dan Fetus Menuju Tong Sampah,
  9. and so much more.

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