By Claire Valerie Saputra, Working Student Reporter

At CH, the Lost and Found isn’t just a place for misplaced items; it’s a classroom for life lessons. Tucked away in the school’s corridors, this corner teaches students the values of responsibility, discipline, and gratitude.

Students who lose items can retrieve them for a small fee of 2 CHD (CH Dollar). But there’s a deadline — they have 7 days. After that, unclaimed items are donated to an orphanage in Bali, teaching students the importance of acting promptly and caring for their belongings.

“The Lost and Found reflect our core values of responsibility and discipline,” says Aron, one of the students. “It reminds us to be mindful of their belongings and act with gratitude for what they have.”

This simple corner prompts students to think twice about leaving things behind and appreciate the items provided by their parents. Each reclaimed item is a reminder of the love and care that goes into providing for them.

So, the Lost and Found isn’t just a room with forgotten items; it’s a reminder to be responsible, disciplined, and grateful for what we have.