Through learning reflection activities, positive and negative information is obtained about the learning activities that have been carried out, as well as how teachers can improve the quality of the learning. The results of learning reflection can also be used as observation material to find out how far the achievement of learning activities and can provide satisfaction for students.

Learning reflection is carried out by teachers and students so that teachers and students can also feel the benefits of this activity. For teachers learning reflection is useful for reviewing a group or class to describe the situation or condition of a class, and teachers can find out the potential of each individual and student in the class. That way, teachers can improve continuous and tiered evaluation activities.

While the benefits of learning reflection for students are to channel the expression of the learning process that has been carried out, whether it is good or still lacking. This can train students’ self-confidence to express opinions, as well as improve learning activities according to the interests and methods they want.

One of the most common examples of learning reflection is to review learning material that has been studied previously. This activity is usually carried out independently by reading from the beginning all related notes after understanding and taking note of the important points.

After you have finished taking notes, you can continue to explain yourself without looking at the book in front of the mirror or someone else to help listen. This method is considered capable of making students not only memorize, but also understand and can explain the material.

The thing that is no less important in the field of learning besides intelligence is shaping the character of students. It is very important to reflect on learning in terms of benefits after studying a material obtained by students. this indirectly teaches students to think critically, out of the box, and create a quality mindset.

Many children grow up smart but are only able to work on questions or material similar to what has been taught. When given a little modification, they tend to be confused and can’t even finish.

Reflection on learning for the next, namely planning learning behavior in the days ahead is useful for changing bad habits in learning. Previously, it was necessary to know the mistakes and what could hinder students from learning.

There must be a willingness and intention of students to change these bad qualities. To reduce the intensity of bad behavior, it must be replaced in a positive way. Later this will have an impact on the quality of learning in the future.

Of course, each student has a different level of understanding. That’s why a method that is applied in schools and then used to study many students is considered less effective.

By using the same learning method for all students, there will be students who can be left behind because they are not able to follow the learning method. This is the importance of reflecting on each student to see if there are difficulties in implementing the learning method used.

This reflection is done and written by the teacher concerned. By writing a journal, it can be used as a teacher evaluation material at the end of the semester which will later help to improve learning outcomes. This journal can be used to analyze the learning process and the plans that will be taken to overcome the problem.

Those are some things about learning reflection starting from the benefits, objectives and examples. It is very important to reflect on learning in order to create better learning activities in the future.