Knowledge workers are usually responsible for exploring
and creating ideas, rather than implementing and managing
existing processes. New products, new designs, new models
for doing business – these are typical outputs of knowledge
work. How digital transformation changes the nature of work; Knowledge worker (information gathering, information analysis, information dissemination, structured learning, knowledge management, team building). Digital worker (real-time data availability, scenarios and prognosis, decision making, self-development, virtual collaboration, virtual team building). WHAT is KNOWLEDGE? Knowledge is information combined with experience, context, interpretation and
reflection. In organisations, knowledge often becomes embedded not only in
documents or repositories but also in organisational routines, processes, practices
and norms. Transformation of information into knowledge is a critical step in value
creation, which determines what kind of advantage an enterprise has in competition.
Knowledge is one of the most important assets of a school organisation, and is
critical for school sustainability.