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“We believe that education is about unlocking the fullest potential in each child. We believe that education is for living. We learn to live, and not live to learn. We do things that will unlock each potential that will help them survive and have a happy and successful life. The knowledge is in the child, we facilitate each one uniquely.”

Our school was designed to unlock the fullest potential of children with its high-quality teaching, learning, and prepared environment. Students get to explore and learn about the world, with the fully-equipped laboratories, a variety of musical instruments, a recording studio, and 6 acres of green. With the philosophy that every child is unique and lead by their inner teacher, we strive to cultivate independent and lifelong learners.

Our Values

We believe as a facilitator and educator for our students we need to be creative and an honest being. Creative in solving complex problems and always honest in everything. In a person, we also value the eagerness as a lifelong learner. The ability to keep absorbing information and able to adapt to new conditions in no time. Excellent is what we always strive for, doing everything to the fullest to achieve the best output in excellence. Be responsive as everyone is working together to reach the common goal. Able to back up other teams in need as being a supportive person.

The value of CHEERS:

  1. Creative
  2. Honest
  3. Eager
  4. Excellent
  5. Responsive
  6. Supportive
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