1. Introduction

Internship program is held every year for IGCSE students to A – Level students to give an opportunity to have an early experience on what is working really like. Students work in certain companies (the companies are owned by parents, whose child schools in Cendekia Harapan) for 5 days, this year starting from 17th September to 21st September 2018. This is the second internship program since 2017. And it has helped built experience and characteristic to the child through the world of working.

I had my internship program in my school, Cendekia Harapan. I was assigned in the front with Bu Keren, helping out parents with payments, questions, etc. My internship started earlier than the others since the preschool was going to be visited by a verification team of School Health Organization from Jakarta on Monday. So it was quite busy the days before Monday.

This report is important as it keeps records on what happened during 17 till 18 September 2018 and helps children with their writing quality.


  1. Internship Location: Cendekia Harapan School

Cendekia Harapan is a school located in Puri Gading, Jimbaran, and has recently been visited by the School Health Organization to verify if CH is worth to win 1st rank of the Cleanliest School in Indonesia. CH 4 education levels, preschool, primay, junior high and senior high and college is still on the way. The preschool uses a Montessori curriculum with the right equipment to educate kids. While primary uses national (2013 curriculum) and Cambridge curriculum from lower to 8th grade. Grade 9 to grade 12 completely uses Cambridge curriculum, full with IGCSE and A-Level subject and is already registered as a Cambridge school. Its working hours is from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening.


  1. Internship Activities
  2. Day 1, Thursday, 13 September 2018

As lessons were running as usual, I went to find each teacher to ask them permission for not joining the class. After I went to foyer, I was assigned to set up the password for the preschoolers in the ID pass. After I was done, I was assigned to print tuition fee card in accessement center and scan the remaining data to a file. It was more than I expected so it took until lunch time. After eating, I continued scanning the data. After so, I helped Bu Keren here and there (small things) when she is not able move from her spot.

  1. Day 2, Friday, 14 September 2018

From the morning, I worked on getting JHS’s student’s NIK from their family card that they previously submitted. Then, I helped the CH nurse to order her book that she printed, it was so many mind you. As lunch time came, I ate lunch. Later, I asked Pak Andre to print out the teacher’s absence. I checked the absence of the teacher, sent the main point to Pak Andre through WA. As I was done, there were a lot of posts than any other day so I assisted the postman, bringing the posts to Bu Lidia. Afterwards, from 15:00, I helped my friends on cleaning the school as we will have a visit from the verification team and the minister of education and health.

  1. Day 3, Monday, 17 September 2018

On this day, I went early for makeup and changing clothes to Balinese costume to welcome the verification team. After doing all that, I cross checked the things we’ll need to welcome the verification team with Bu Putri in foyer. When they came, I helped giving flower necklace to the verification team and went to the post assigned while the team have their tour around the school. When they went to Aula, I went their too to get ready performing. At the very last, I finally performed Balinese dance accompanied by Ibu Pertiwi song with Bu Rima and Firda. After the meeting was done, all went downstairs to eat lunch. When the team went home, I helped teachers cleaning and set the rooms as original.

  1. Day 4, Tuesday, 18 September 2018

When I went to school, Bu Keren was already there, so I continued completing the NIK of junior high students. After so, I helped Bu Keren with the data’s, putting them into folders for each class. In few moments I helped assisting parents and answering phone calls. There were many phone calls than I expected on this day. I learned to each situation, when asked for confirmation of payment, will have to ask how much it is and tell them that will check to the finance centre. When asked for to bring something to a certain place, ask for what should be brought, name of the caller, his or her phone number and to where. As 16:00 went by, I was supposed to have k-pop dance practice but was told to go home.

  1. Day 5, Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The last day of my internship, the moment I stepped in to foyer, I had a job waiting for me. I had to put birthdays of parents and their NIK to students sort of preschool. At around 10, the verification team came again to check our school. It took almost two hours until they went home. Until that I was still listing parent’s birthdays and NIK. Without thinking, I finished it at 13:00. I was surprised so I went to eat lunch. After I ate lunch, I brought the radio mic and listener that was used during the tour for the verification team to CR and put them to where they should be.

After so, I continued making absence paper for teachers’ extracullicular. By the time I was done, it was 15:00. I printed out and put them into files and helped Bu Keren on putting the data’s (KK, Passport, KTP, birth certificate) to each grade folder again.

  1. Additional day (Day 6), Sunday, 16 September 2018

I was told to come to school to help teachers getting ready to welcome the verification team. I went there from 9 am and had a short meeting with the teachers and others who had to come. After a few minutes, I helped Alex making the UKS sign by cutting a white board. By the time it was 10, we were called again and had a rough rehearsal when the verification team came. After that, the teachers and others met again to decide who is staying and who is going home. As it finished, I had lunch with the others. After having lunch, Bu Putri and I got ready with the things to give to the verification team like pens, UKS books, place to put the flower necklace, and bears. After making sure we are very ready for tomorrow in foyer, I went to busy room and prepared things for the kids with origami’s. I shaped some into bird, fish, turtle and a butterfly. Then, I sharpened all of the color pencils and pencils in that room and left.

As I left, I heard voices from the kitchen so I went there to see. It was the girls making jamu. Since I had nothing to do, I decided to help them. I cooled the jamu down and put them in a container one by one. When all jamu went in, it was already nearing 6 pm. I went out of the kitchen and walked to where I was previously making the sign of UKS. It was finished by Pak Sabar and Manaca. I was glad it finished and went home as my mom came to pick me up.


During these days, I have learned to work faster to get things done since there are more things waiting. I have also realized that when working, we should fully work, at least more than 4 hours. Aside from that, I have learned – not from my experience – that when working, there are no luxuries. You cannot do the works you would like to do and give the hard ones or the ones you do not want to do to others. When you are assigned to do it, do it with full responsibility and maturely. If I were a manager or the head to that employee, I would let the assistance have a day off, giving full responsibility to that employee and educate him/her to face the real world. With a bit of scolding too.














  1. SWOT Analysis and Proposed Business Strategy
1.     Friendly environment

2.     Considerate teachers

3.     Friendly staffs

4.     Structured basics

1.     Sudden notice on events and change of schedule.

2.     Lack of ‘in touch’ with parents regarding new teachers info, big event details and reminder of children’s’ tests, home works, etc.

1.     Only SPK school in Bali


1.     Other nearby schools increases in curriculum quality

In my opinion, CH has many strength as stated above. Everyone is friendly towards students and parents, even to maids or driver who come to bring the kids. CH also has a comfortable environment, it has a lot of green and I started to notice that if all kids went home and the sun haven’t go down yet, there are a lot of birds in the gardens, chirping. I also noticed that there are butterflies flying. I thought of how a school can be so peaceful like this. Teachers treats students equally in teaching, does not favor any child nor dislikes any child. And has structured or strong basic in teaching or educating which is Montessori curriculum.

But aside all of that good side, CH has the bad sides too which is a sudden notice on events and changes of schedules. This action actually makes a lot of people, including students, frustrated since they have their own schedule too. I think, thinking about others should be considered in and by CH. Also, I think CH lack in keeping in touch with parents with updating news like new teachers, staff, and details of a big event. This is so that the parents would not be confused with who is who and have miscommunication. Last but not least, reminders should be few days before the day, not one day before. Same like the previous reason, it make students, mostly, stressed with sudden info and fitting it to his or her own schedule.

Now, there are the opportunities. CH has the opportunity where it is the only SPK or international school with license in Bali. That makes a lot of kids from different countries would have their ear perk up and have interest on joining CH. The location of CH is an opportunity since there are less schools (Preschool until SHS) in Taman Griya. But even if CH is a unique school, there are schools who are developing slowly with writing essays and articles about problem like BIS, Dyatmika, and others. This may threat CH on quality of both physical and mental like speaking, writing, sports and subjects. So CH should be aware on it and shall start to find something else to stand out.

This business strategy may not be as expected but I think CH needs public recognition, not just preschool with its UKS but CH as whole. As CH is a school, sending students to any competition AND winning them would give CH credits of helping creating and motivating child’s talent. That way, many parents would want to put their child in CH because of achievements and others.

Another is to increase school fee or tuition fee little by little to show that CH’s quality is high and is seriously committed to education. This will of course, increases the teachers’ income. But teachers too, should be high quality, should show that they worth to get a high amount of salary.


  1. Conclusion

So to conclude, CH is a school with beauties and flaws but still manages to survive thanks to both the teachers and students who take care each other and facilities. I do hope CH become well than it is now, until no one can mention any bad side of CH. Therefore, is my report, overall my internship program was fun and meaningful to experience and lessons.