Internship is a lesson or experience seeking work with students to learn what can be done after adulthood.



Café La Pasion

La Pasion is a restaurant that sells Mexican cuisine as the main food is Tacos, Enchiladas, or Mexican-style Pizza and Hamburger. The logo also uses a Mexican-like images or illustration called the skeleton logo decorated with flowers.

Internship activity and what I learned

I did an internship from Monday, 17th September to Friday, 21stseptember. I did a week-long internship at a restaurant called La Pasion.


The first day I had work experience in the kitchen. It was very difficult in the kitchen, the most difficult was the difficulty of learning names of materials because there were many food names that I had never heard of. However, I was asked to try to taste vegetables, herbs, sauces, etc. I learned that foods that never eat must be tried. Still I don’t remember the name of the food in a short time so I decided to make a simple menu like a salad. In addition, I did a lot of washing dishes in the sink. In the kitchen learn to think about the power of observation and make sensitive in situation.


From day 2 to day 3, I had work experience with servants. In my first job I cleaned the floor and table for customer service first and gave water to clean up the appearance of the shop. When customers come, we gratefully thank you from our hearts for serving our customers. By doing this, customers are very satisfied and spend time in the restaurant. Waitress thought it important to observe people because, it is important notice the customers who wants to order and the customer who wants to shave the dishes that finished eating property. Including them I was able to study very focused on work experiences. I got waiter and learned about people’s concerns and relationships.


From the fourth day to the last day, I had work experience at the bar. First of all, I calculate the drink inventory and compared the amount of inventory the previous day. This task is hard for me to get the right number and there are some mistakes, it’s hard to do the right job, but by repeating it repeatedly accurate I can find the correct number. After the job I finished working at the bar and learned to make coffee and juice or smoothie. Coffee is very difficult because the time I pour coffee is determined in seconds. If too much or too little it will change. Especially cappuccino is difficult because filling half a cup of coffee and pouring it into the cup is very difficult. When the milk is heated it must listen to the sound, pay attention to the heat because if it’s too hot and doesn’t make it too cold, so the angle cup is also perfect. I haven’t been able to do it well but after watching the supervisor’s example well and then trying it, it’s not perfect but I started to be good at heating milk. And finally I can paint a heart shape latte art. I try and observe well and I can do it well.


Internship at La Pasion is a very pleasant and good experience. I was able to make myself observe people’s actions correctly and solve them, looking for what I could do and behavior. I have a very useful experience in the future for me.




Strengthl  Astatic atmosphere created by painting on the wall.

l  There are lots of option on the menu

l  Employees are friendly

Weaknessl  The road is difficult to understand because it’s in the forest, it is dark when it is night.

l  Sometime is the employees are noisy witch might make the customers uncomfortable.

l  The pool is dirty

Opportunityl  Close to the beach

l  There is no other Mexican restaurant in balangan

Threatsl  Few tourists visit balangan

l  Other Mexican restaurant in Bali

l  Eruption gunung Agung witch decrease the amount of tiourists