Internship program is a program that held by school of Cendekia Harapan Junior and Senior High School on 17th until 21th September 2018 at different company. The companies are in Paradise Loft, Bali Art Media, Bali Cool Property, Funny Pancake and Coffee, Mitrais, Cendekia Harapan, La Passion, Kedonganan Veterinarian and Odyssey. This internship program followed by 39 students from grade 9 CH JHS until grade 12 CH SHS. There are four students in Paradise Loft, three students in Bali Art Media, four students in Bali Cool Property, four students in Funny Pancake and Coffee, three students in Mitrais, twelve students in Cendekia Harapan, three students in La Passion, three students in Kedonganan Veterinarian and three students in Odyssey.


This program that we do is to get a new experience, learn,can feel the hard work, get more knowledge, and socialize to others. Internship program is not make us as a worker and paid by the company, but truly to learn the things what we do in this period. In this internship program took 5 days when doing their work.


The purpose of writing this paper is to share the new experience and knowledge about business that writer get during the internship period. Besides that, the writer also wants to explain the internship program that writer did during the internship program. This report contains Introduction, Description of The Company (Cendekia Harapan), Internship Activities, Conclusion and References.



School of Cendekia Harapan are located in Jalan Seruni I-2 No. 8, Puri Gading, Jimbaran, Bali and built on 2nd November 2003. This school are providing Preschool, Primary (divided in to two level, which is Lower Primary and Upper Primary), Junior High School and Senior High School (for JHS until SHS are divided in to three level, which is Secondary, IGCSE and A-Level). This school has a different method than the other school and divided in to eight types, which are Challenge, Project, Debate, Problem-Based Learning, Paper Based Drills, Indicator Review, Expert Consultation and Thesis.


The other side of Cendekia Harapan School are the way of learning and using curriculum of Cambridge and 2013. The way of learning from this school are based and using critical and logical thinking. In every level of class has a different way also for learning, such as lower primary is using books, meanwhile the upper primary until A-Level are not using books anymore.


In business activity there are has a different sector of production, which are Primary Sector, Secondary Sector and Tertiary Sector. This school is in Tertiary Sector, because tertiary sector is about providing services to the final consumer or business. So, that means this school are provide the materials of learning and teach the students like the final consumer. This school was called Private Sector, because this school owned by personal and not by the government.



At the first day of doing the internship program, the one who get the job in School of Cendekia Harapan are started first on 13th September 2018 and finished on 19th September 2018. On that day, Thursday, I was doing my job as a shadow teacher first, then continue by helping tidy in aula. I was doing my job a little because I got sick in that time until the second day of internship program.

At the third day of this program which is Monday, 17th September, is the day where the verification team visits the Cendekia Harapan School for UKS TK. This day I came to CH at 6.00 a.m. where the females were groomed with makeup and hair do. I was put first in front of foyer for helping the kindergarten students by welcoming the verification team. After that finished and the verification team going inside to the school, I was put in playground of TK that located in front of gym room and Montessori room.


After I finished my job by guiding the kindergarten students and helping the other teacher for welcoming and serving the verification team, I have my lunch. I continue by doing my job as a supervisor for jambore activity that held for lower primary, upper primary and secondary students. After I arrived there. I helping the teachers there like leading the line of the students and keep discipline with the rules and instructions given. After that, I was guiding the next activity, which is the perform time of yell-yell in each group and the opening ceremony by making a fire. The next job that I have to do was making sure that every student is sleep and go to every tent by checking the student who’s not sleeping yet.


The fourth day of internship program I still doing my job in goa gong camping. I be the supervisor in one team of the boys when doing the activity, which is called as mencari jejak. After we arrived back to the place, I was guiding the closing ceremony of this camp and tidy the tent. The fifth day of internship program, the verification team coming again and the students who work in Cendekia Harapan School was stay in wet lab. After that I help the teacher for download the file for A-Level schedule materials.


Strengths WeaknessOpportunitiesThreats
·  Have a different way of thinking, with critical and logical thinking.

·  Have a different and various method of learning.

·  Have a curriculum of Cambridge.

·  Location of this school are not in a strategies place.

·  Lack of English speaking for some teachers.

·  Many people now are searching for the best quality of learning.·  There are many people are finding the place of the school in a strategies place.






This are the second experience of doing the internship program, first in Café La Passion and the second one is in Cendekia Harapan School. Everything what we do, there must be a lesson learn whatever is that. The more knowledge and new experience we get, there are a lots of lesson learn we also get. For example, like this internship program that Cendekia Harapan IGCSE and A-Level did, I get a new knowledge about improving the skill of being a leader, serving the guest with the good attitude and doing the job with seriously.