By Ni Putu Indah Cahya P.

Cheerleading is a sport that combines various dynamic movements of gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, and cheers to encourage sports teams that are competing, shout slogans or as a sport that is competed in a competition.

There are many benefits to our bodies from cheerleading; maintain fitness, train body flexibility, reduce body fat and various other physical benefits and we can do it with fun through cheerleading. Apart from the physical benefits, participating in cheerleading classes is also very beneficial in the social aspect of children. Through cheerleading classes, we really know that practice makes perfect, and we become individuals who don’t give up easily and work hard to achieve happiness together. In addition, teamwork is also very important, and from there children can learn to be leaders, follow instructions, give opinions, and of course how to communicate and cooperate well with fellow friends.

Sports like cheerleading can help kids develop their self-confidence as well as their athleticism. Having a team to support and rely on can make kids feel more connected at school. Learning to master difficult skills, helping out teammates, and performing well at games and competitions can benefit the athletes who cheer, as well as the other athletes they support on the field or court.

Cendekia Harapan facilitates children to unlock their potential on sport and dancing through cheerleader. Our cheerleader team is not high level of cheerleader which demands extreme physical movement. “World Star” is our cheerleader team name which based on values of solidarity, discipline and creativity and good self-esteem. Cheerleader has words “leader” in it. We unlock students’ potential in being leader. Therefore teacher’s role as facilitator while students are given chance to develop, create and giving opinion to their team. One student is chosen as leader. In the whole year, children will learn about solidarity, master proper facial expressions and techniques as well as to create one coreography. With this program, children are encouraged to practice their self- confidence and competence by joining any cheerleader competitions in Jimbaran and Denpasar area.