Having a common ground to discuss in a community is very important. Handbooks and guides are there to give us the common ground we need

  • CH Handbook
  • Primary Guide for Parents
  • Secondary-1 Guide for Parents
  • Secondary-2 Guide for Parents

Organisation Structure

Working collaboratively has proven to be the strength in our community. All teachers and staff working together with Quality Assurance and Assessment Board team to bring the students the best education they can achieve.

Learning process will be led by the frontline of teachers and staff that will facilitate the students. Quality Assurance made sure that the process of learning is working well by keeping up the standards of facilities as well as amenities. Assessing the students fairly will be guaranteed by Assessment Board team to give the best feedback of their learning process.

Master Plan

This school has a strong foundation to carry out the noble mandate since the founding of the school, namely learning that is liberating, total dedication to the community, and research which characterizes the academic house. Born out of curiosity and a desire to provide better education for students.

With a strong foundation comes a great vision of an education that will liberate itself and able to unlock the truest potentials each of individuals