By Marsiana Panur

Dealing with children who are not able to speak is indeed very difficult, sometimes we need patience and perseverance to handle them. Some children who have speech delay can be caused by several factors, such as lack of communication between children and their parents or relatives, deaf, or autism spectrum disorder. sometimes, we do not realize that it is so important to spend time with children, which by inviting them to communicate can train children’s oral skills and improve their vocabularies. In educating children, we should use only one language so that it is easy to digest, and children are not confused then it makes them feel stressed and thinks that speaking is hard. There are several ways to improve children’s oral skills, such as by doing oral therapy, do more practice on sounding letters. As a teacher or parents, we shouldn’t pressure a child to learn and force him to understand everything. Do something that makes learning fun and improves his speaking skills, so that he will be interested in learning. When giving instructions, use the child’s language to encourage him and give him attention. We should know the child’s character first, starting from hobbies, attitudes, and so on. so that we can prepare a suitable learning method for him. We have to prepare a learning method for him so that we don’t feel stressed if the child becomes bored with learning with only one method. thank you