Maybe you often hear about vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is a lifestyle that opposes the consumption of meat, poultry, and fish. A vegetarian only consumes vegetables and fruits from the earth. But what is the reason behind all that? If we asked a vegetarian they would have different reasons, because basically, vegetarianism is not a lifestyle of a race or a religion. Often vegetarianism is associated with race or descent. If the father is vegetarian then the children will also be vegetarian. Even though that is not the reason, it can also be the reason for someone to be vegetarian. Then what is the reason people become vegetarian?

The first and most common reason we encounter is a vegetarian diet. Vegetables and fruits are known to be processed faster by the body. So that the body will not store leftovers for longer in the stomach. Also, vegetables and fruit are no less healthy than meat. Many vegetables and fruits contain the same nutrients as meat. An example is a protein, we have always known that protein can be obtained from meat, be it beef or chicken. But we also need to know that protein can also be found in whole grains. An example is soybeans. Soybean seeds contain vegetable protein which is good for the development of our bodies. There are also many delicious processed soybeans that we often consume, namely tempeh, tofu, and soy milk. Due to the abundance of nutrients from vegetables and fruits, sometimes health is also a reason for someone to be vegetarian. For example, consuming too much seafood will make a person’s cholesterol high. Therefore, for health reasons many people are starting a vegetarian life. Basically, it’s not that meat is unhealthy, but something that is consumed in excess is not good.

The second reason someone becomes a vegetarian is that people who are animal vegetarians – which we consume often have the same feelings as humans. The animals also have families and they understand how loving family members are. Just like humans, a mother must love her child like an animal. For example, a mother monkey always carries her child around. The mother monkey never forgot to breastfeed and find food for her young. This is a small example that even animals have feelings like humans. When a dog is hit on the road, the friends will bark and be sad to see the dead picture. So, how about us ?. We take the mother cow for consumption, then how does the calf feel like? Can we imagine what if we were in the position of the calf? However, some parties disagree with that reason. Many people say that animals have feelings like humans. Humans are at the top of the food chain. Humans have intellect and manners that are very different from animals. If animals have feelings like humans, of course, we will be very sinful if we step on the little ants on the streets. Many people say that it is human destiny to eat what the earth provides. So are you interested in becoming vegetarian?