Guinea Fowl

                If you visit CH, and if you are lucky, you can see animals like chickens walking around the parking area. The cage is next to the CH school car parking lot. The animal is similar to a chicken, also similar to a turkey. They are bigger, fatter, and look fluffier than chickens. Its face is white and its neck is blue. The color of its fur is very beautiful, black with small white spots. It seems because of this white spot why he is called ‘Ayam Mutiara’ in Indonesia (mutiara means pearl), it does look like studded with pearls.

Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris) is an endemic African species that lives in savanna habitats and is used to living in groups. The savanna is a vast grassland habitat, filled with shrubs and shrubs and interspersed with spreading trees. In Indonesia, these animals are widely traded to be used as pets. Make sure you have a large yard if you want to keep this animal, so that it can easily adapt to its natural habitat. If you prank or startle this animal, it will crow so loudly that you will be the one who will be surprised. Because of the loud crow, some people use Guinea Fowl as guard animals

Like other fowl, Guinea Fowl also breed oviparally or lay eggs. After 24 to 30 days, fertile eggs will hatch, female Guinea Fowls can lay up to 15 eggs in one period. Guinea Fowl is an all-eating or omnivore, because these animals can eat small insects, worms, seeds, and small fruits. This animal is not aggressive and will not interfere if it doesn’t feel threatened, so don’t be afraid if you see this animal walking round you.

Don’t forget to say hello to these beautiful animals if you visit CH 😉