Get to Know About Assessment


  1. The Difference between Assessment of Learning and Assessment for Learning
No Assessment of Learning Assessment for Learning
1 Assessment carried out after the learning process is complete. Assessment carried out during the learning process and is usually used as a basis for improving the teaching and learning process.


Usually summarize information into marks, scores, or grades. Usually detailed, specific, and descriptive feedback in words and in relation to criteria that has been sent.
3 Usually compares the student’s learning with either other students or the ‘standard’ for a grade level. Usually focused on improvement, compared with the student’s ‘previous best’ and progress towards standard.
4 Examples: Ujian Nasional, Ujian Sekolah Examples : Assignment, Quiz, Project, Presentation


  1. The Difference between Formative and Summative Assessment
No Formative Assessment Summative Assessment
1 Occur during a learning activity. Occur at the end of a learning activity.
2 Aim to monitor student learning. Aim to evaluate student learning.
3 Provide students with feedback. Yield a specific score or result.
4 Aims to determine the development of student’s mastery of the unit/chapter/competency being studied. Aims to determine the learning achievement of students from learning that has ended.


  1. The Role of Feedback in the Assessment

Feedback is an interaction between teachers to students and also students to other students. Feedback helps students to:

  • Encourages them to think critically about their work and to reflect on what they need to do to improve it
  • Helps them see their learning in new ways and gain increased satisfaction from it.
  • Guide students on what steps to take to improve.
  • Develop their capability to monitor, evaluate and regulate their own learning.


  1. What’s New in CH Assessment 2021/2022

Formative Assessment (what you do daily):

  • Daily Post-Test
  • Quiz
  • Assignment

Summative Assessment (what you do mid-semesterly or semesterly, and you can choose one among the following options):

  • Assistance at School
  • Research
  • Social Service
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Independent Project
  • Students Exchange
  • Competition/Olympiad