In Indonesia, violence against women is no less critical. Komnas Perempuan in its 2018 record stated that there was a trend of violence from year to year, for example in 2015 there were 321,752 cases, in 2016 there were 259,150 cases, and in 2017 it increased to 346,446 cases. The forms of violence are economic violence, psychological violence, sexual violence, physical violence, exploitation of migrant workers, and trafficking. The spectrum is in the form of violence against women in cyberspace which includes digital judgments with sexual nuances, sexual torture, online and offline persecution, the proliferation of online sites and applications under the guise of religion (eg, and, threats against women under the ITE Law, and vulnerability to sexual exploitation of girls and exploitation of women’s bodies in cyberspace. With so many gender inequalities in society, it makes women more aware that they are actually equal in degree with men. Therefore, there was a movement called feminism.

Fadlan in Syafi’ie (2019) defines feminism as an awareness of the oppression and extortion of women in society, at work and in the family, as well as conscious actions by women and men to change unfair conditions. The feminist movement is an understanding that fights for women’s freedom from male domination. Feminist theory is a theory about social life and human experience from the perspective of women. Feminist theory focuses on three things; first, the main object of the study is the situation and experience of women in society; second, discussing women as the main subject in the study process; and these three theories are critical and actively defend women, trying to produce a better world for women in particular and humans in general (Rahman in Aliyah et al, 2018). The feminism movement itself has emerged since the 1800s which has been growing day by day until now. Along with the times, the feminist movement, which was originally aimed at equalizing gender between men and women politically, has developed into various aspects of life. Namely in social, economic, political, lifestyle, sociological, sexual aspects, and even in terms of education. Modernity throughout its history of development has been heavily colored by the feminist movement from the West which later became a reference for the realization of human equality and justice in almost all corners of the world. Hidayati (2018) states that feminism acts as a system of ideas, frameworks and studies with a broad scope of social life and human experience that develops from a women-centered perspective with a long history of efforts made to achieve justice for women.

Life from the side of feminism can be a reference for many people in taking and seeing everything so that they can become wiser in dealing with things. Feminism can be an alternative reference point of view for someone in living their social life.


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