The CH community works together towards one goal: to make a better world through education, research, and community service. We are explorers and inventors, inspired by nature and technology, welcoming people with drive regardless of where they come from.

CH was founded on the need of inclusive quality education. We are a home for all, welcoming people from all backgrounds. We are here to give everyone room to grow and equip them with the skills to flourish and excel as themselves through personalized, internationally recognized education.

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Key Facts


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Location Bali, INA
Size 25 acres
Gardens 10
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Community (as of 21/12/2020)

Employees 45
     High School Diploma 8
     Bachelor’s Degree 32
     Master’s Degree 4
     Doctoral Degree 1
Students 239
      Preschool 29
      Primary 134
      Secondary-Advanced 76
Alumni 600+
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Bukit Peninsula & Jimbaran

Sat on Bukit Peninsula, Kuta Selatan, CH is located in one of the driest areas in Bali. Without fertile soil to grow crops in, locals have instead embraced the beauty of the beaches that surround this area of South Bali, creating job opportunities in the travel and tourism sector. As a result, the island has gained traction worldwide, inviting people from all countries, cultures, and walks of life to cross paths within this small section of the Dewata Island.

Being optimally positioned in this area has allowed for the diversity and cultural richness to be reflected in the CH community. The school is an academic home with opportunities to learn from anywhere, collaborate with anyone, and contribute to a variety of communities.

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