“Enhancing Environmental Awareness through Animal Adoption at Children’s House”

By Ellora Vida, Working Student Reporter.

Children’s House has introduced a variety of animals, including dogs, chickens, fish, rabbits, and more, to offer educational and environmental benefits. This initiative aims to bring joy to students while teaching them about different species and their unique traits. The presence of these animals offers more than just fun. “It’s a learning opportunity for our students to understand and appreciate the diversity of life around us,” explains Pak Ady, one of the teachers from Children’s House. “It’s also beneficial for our environment as we teach the importance of caring for animals and their habitats.”

Responsibility for the animals now rests with the students at Children’s House, fostering compassion and a sense of duty towards their furry and feathered companions. This hands-on experience helps children develop empathy and responsibility as they learn proper animal care. Children’s House plans to potentially adopt more animals in the future, enriching the learning experience and positively impacting the local environment.

By providing examples like bunnies as prey and dogs as predators, Children’s House creates an environment where children can observe and appreciate the natural world firsthand. This approach aims to instil values of empathy, responsibility, and environmental stewardship in its students.