By Aubrey Nabila Rayza and Claire Valerie Saputra, Working Student Reporters. Illustration by Philo Corry Awuy

Students from grades 7 and above were recently treated to an insightful workshop by Education Republic, aimed at guiding them on the path to studying abroad. Titled “How to Study Abroad,” the workshop proved to be a valuable resource for youngsters preparing for their university journey. Among the crucial topics covered were the essential preparations needed before embarking on a university adventure. From deciding on a major to finding the right university and even unlocking the world of scholarships, the workshop left no stone unturned.

“For deciding a major, we can take small-scale projects to see if we like the responsibility that comes with this major,” shared one of the attendees, highlighting the practical approach advocated during the session. The workshop also took a creative twist as participants were asked to choose colors – red, blue, green, or yellow – each representing distinct personality traits and strengths.

Red: Symbolizing a leader or promoter, individuals with this color are described as logical, practical, and driven by power and control. They tend not to display emotions easily, preferring a pragmatic approach.

Blue: Those identifying with blue are categorized as analyzers and organizers. Cooperative and polite, they excel in memorization, calculation, and observation, bringing a meticulous approach to their tasks.

Yellow: This color signifies creativity and artistry. Individuals with a yellow preference enjoy contemplating challenges, questioning norms, and thinking deeply. They are often described as having high self-confidence.

To equip themselves for their chosen paths, such as an analyst, students were encouraged to consider practical steps. For instance, an analyst role often involves substantial computer work and the mastery of specific programs. Therefore, gaining proficiency in these programs early on can greatly enhance one’s chances of success and admission to a preferred university. Education Republic’s workshop not only provided practical tips for studying abroad but also encouraged introspection into personal strengths and interests. By empowering students with these insights, the workshop aimed to pave the way for a successful and fulfilling academic journey.

For those looking to broaden their horizons and explore education opportunities beyond borders, workshops like these serve as invaluable stepping stones towards a bright and promising future.