Designing creative and interactive classrooms can also be done with students. The teacher can set a schedule for cleaning and design the classroom together. This is so that the class design can be adapted to the wishes of students.

The purpose of designing a class together is not only to make the class look more beautiful and attractive, but also to build the spirit of mutual cooperation among students, make work easier, increase students’ creativity, and foster a sense of solidarity and kinship. This activity is also very fun, so that students do not get bored because they are constantly learning.

  1. Decorate the Class Using Student Work

To make the class look more interesting, you can ask students to make a work, then the work is displayed or pasted in class. This method can encourage and increase students’ creativity as well as a form of appreciation for the work they have made. Not only will the class be interesting, but students will also be happy to see their work displayed in the classroom.

  1. Decorate the Class Using Hanging Decorations

One of the decorations that is easy to find and makes the display more attractive is using hanging decorations. This type of hanging decoration work is also quite easy to make.

How to decorate the classroom using hanging decorations, for example with colored paper or cardboard, beads, ropes as hooks. You can ask students to make works of cardboard, such as the shape of a butterfly, a crane, a flower, and then give them beads. After that, the resulting shape is hung using a rope, and attached to the wall or ceiling using special tape.

  1. Paste Positive Words Poster

The next way to decorate a creative and interactive class is by sticking a poster of positive and motivational words on the classroom wall. This poster must also of course be well designed using interesting animations.

The purpose of putting up posters in class is not only to beautify the class, but also to increase students’ learning motivation and students will also continue to remember the positive message conveyed in the poster.

In addition to positive words, posters can also be used as interesting visual learning media, for example by installing world maps, reading letters, formulas and others.

  1. Refreshing Color Palette

An attractive and creative class design does not have to be always crowded, but it can also look simple, elegant and still not boring, for example by choosing a refreshing color. Choosing color is one of the most basic things to change the atmosphere of the classroom to be more attractive.

Compared to only using one color with a boring color, there is nothing wrong if you present class decorations with refreshing colors and can be an alternative to increase students’ enthusiasm for learning in class. Choose colors that can be combined and bright.

  1. More Explorative Classroom Arrangements

In addition to color selection, the arrangement of the classroom also needs to be considered. This is one of the main factors to change the atmosphere in the classroom. You can give students the freedom to imagine and be creative to arrange the seats in the classroom according to their wishes.

You can direct students to create a floor plan that can accommodate interactions between teachers and students, as well as between students and students. This can change the atmosphere of a cold and distant classroom to be closer, familiar and warm.

  1. Simple Decoration at the Class Entrance

If you don’t want to bother with the design in the classroom, just design it at the entrance of the class, so that it can increase the spirit of learning. Decorating the classroom door is an interesting way for students to want to enter the classroom and participate in learning activities.

Sometimes some students are still reluctant or afraid to join the lesson and join their friends, especially if they are new students. There are several classroom door decorations that can be made such as animal themes, animations/cartoons or abstracts.

  1. Decoration on Class Glass Section

Apart from going through the walls, roof, or classroom door, the theme of decoration can also be done in the classroom glass. Because creative ways to decorate a classroom are never-ending, especially if you and your students have a high will and spirit of creativity.

You can invite your students to decorate the classroom window to make it more attractive so it doesn’t look empty and boring. You can add glass stickers or hanging decorations made of colorful paper or other materials. By making beautiful and attractive windows, it will be pleasing to the eye and students will feel at home in class.

Those are some creative and interactive classroom design inspirations or recommendations that you can apply in class with students. With the new atmosphere and appearance, it is hoped that it can increase the enthusiasm of students in learning in the classroom.