Data Analyst

With the development of the industrial era 4.0, it means that there will be more and more new jobs in the future. The era of digitalization forces us to adapt in order to continue to grow. With the development of technology, it is easier for companies to access certain information for their business interests. All of this information will be collected and used as a source of big data. But, of course the data will not be readable if the amount of data is too much. Therefore, it takes someone who can read and analyze big data owned by a company, because if the analysis is done haphazardly, a company may make a mistake which will result in bankruptcy. In this way, professional skills are needed to be able to do this. big data analysis so that companies can be careful in making decisions going forward.

Data Analyst and Data Scientist are professions in the field of data that require good data analysis skills. These two professions are also professions that are much sought after in the big data era as it is now. Data analysis is the process of processing data with the aim of finding useful information that can be used as a basis for making decisions to solve a problem. This analysis process includes activities of grouping data based on its characteristics, performing data cleaning, transforming data, creating data models to find important information from the data. Do not forget that data that has gone through this process must be presented in an attractive and easy-to-understand form, usually in the form of graphs or plots. The use of technology now almost touches all our activities. This technology is certainly related to data which will continue to grow every time. If data is allowed to accumulate, data will only be wasted. Though data can be processed and used to obtain useful information. Therefore, data analysis is a very important step in data processing. As for data analysis, there are various approaches or techniques that can be used. Meanwhile, big data is a collection of data that has a very large amount or a complex structure so that traditional data processing technology can no longer handle it properly. Currently, the term big data is also often used to refer to fields of science or technology related to the processing and utilization of this data.

The ability to perform data analysis can be used in various work sectors such as in the field of taxation. Big Data can increase state tax revenue. Public awareness of taxpayers is still lacking. This makes the tax directorate general unable to meet the target as expected. By implementing and implementing Big Data, the Directorate General of Taxes is able to retrieve data from the family tree and then be able to find out what items are owned. Apart from that, the health sector also requires a data analyst because both puskesmas and hospitals use different software in recording patients. This makes the data sent to the Health Office also differ depending on the type of software used. With the implementation of Big Data, all health information can be centralized so that it is easily processed and also analyzed to find out what the health of the population in Indonesia is like. And the last one is in the field of transportation, Big Data is also applied in the field of transportation. Congestion has become an integral part of Indonesia’s big cities. With the GPS data owned by city residents’ vehicles, it can be converted into speed, acceleration and stop duration. In addition, other conversions are also carried out. This conversion data can be used to provide recommendations when it is best to drive and when it is bad to travel to the public.

Big Data is a sophisticated technology that is currently utilized in various aspects. Most Big Data is applied to business to help businesses move faster than competitors. Big Data applied in business can help your business make decisions more quickly and accurately. This technology can provide precise real time analytics so that your business will appear more confident. So, this is a good opportunity for you if one day you want to switch professions by becoming a data analyst.


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