Every human being has potential in himself. There is no human in this world who is born without any potential in his life. Of course, this potential still needs to be developed and well supported by the surrounding environment. One of the potentials that everyone needs to develop is the potential to survive and make decisions and become independent. But unfortunately these potentials cannot develop due to an unsupportive environment such as inappropriate parenting. This undeveloped potential can cause people to become dependent on others and unable to be independent. Although it cannot be said to be a psychological disorder, this condition can make a person unable to live normally because of the conditions experienced. This condition in psychology can be called the Cinderella Complex.

Cinderella Complex Syndrome is described as a subconscious desire to be taken care of by others. This condition is described as a woman who feels very wanting to be protected and needs a man as a shield in her life. Dowling explains that women are generally not educated to face their fears, and are not taught to deal with problems on their own. Dependent personality disorder is a personality disorder in which a person is so dependent on others that he is barely able to live independently. There are several causes that can be the beginning of the emergence of this syndrome, among others, this syndrome can be caused by differences in parenting patterns between boys and girls. Because, Cinderella Complex syndrome is closely related to parenting. Meanwhile, boys are forged very hard to control themselves and their surroundings, and are forced to leave spoiled and dependent attitudes, because these two attitudes are considered feminine. Another cause is the habit of pampering girls. People with Cinderella Complex syndrome usually have a pampered childhood, so they are not taught to accept the realities of life. They are given a lot of hope about a happy ending story without knowing that a happy ending is the result of a long journey or process of effort and struggle which of course is not good for children’s mental health conditions.

Although there are no specific symptoms, generally women with this syndrome will experience several things, such as: tending to accept all decisions and choices from their partners, people with cinderella complex often crave a partner who can be a savior, protect, nurture, and also provide everything. their needs, they will feel anxious when thinking about living alone, having difficulty making a big decision in life. Usually, they need opinions or input from others, have difficulty keeping a job. If you feel that the things above have interfered with your life then maybe it’s time for you to consider visiting a psychologist or psychiatrist.


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