Every child has the right to get a decent and full of love life. Because basically all children deserve it. However, not infrequently, many cases of violence against children occur around us. According to data reported by KPAI (Indonesian Child Protection Commission) in Agustin et al (2018) that from 2010 to 2014 there were 21,869,797 cases of violations of children’s rights, spread across 34 provinces, and 179 districts and cities. As much as 42-58% of the violations of children’s rights are sexual crimes against children, the rest are cases of physical violence and child neglect. Violence against children will certainly cause a serious problem for children in the future. According to Tower (2003), violence against children is wrong behavior, which is carried out by parents, caregivers, or other people around them in the form of physical and mental violence such as abuse, neglect, exploitation, threatening, and other bad things that affect the child’s life. child’s physical and mental health. Circumstances that also influence the occurrence of acts of violence against children are family background and parenting patterns.

Of course this act of violence will have a profound impact on children. The impact of psychological violence will leave an imprint and cause trauma, thus affecting the development of the child’s personality. For example, the effects of repeated physical abuse over a long period of time will cause serious injury to the child, leave both physical and psychological marks, the child becomes withdrawn, feels insecure, finds it difficult to develop trust in others, destructive behavior, etc. If this incident is repeated, the recovery process will take a longer time, Moore in Andini et al (2019). In addition, the form of violence against children emotionally also has an impact. Despite being identified or diagnosed as not leaving a tangible mark like physical abuse. That way trying to stop it is also not easy. This type of torture leaves a hidden mark that is manifested in several forms such as lack of self-confidence, difficulty building friendships, destructive behavior such as suddenly burning things or being cruel to animals, some aggression, withdrawal, drug and alcohol abuse, or suicidal tendencies. themselves (Moore in Nataliani, 2004).

By seeing how serious the impact of violence against children is, special attention is needed from related parties such as the Commission for the Protection of children and women as well as the surrounding community to play an active role in voicing the safety of children from acts of violence that can occur anywhere and anytime. In addition, we should not commit acts of violence not only to children but also to fellow living beings in this world.

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