by Claire Valerie Saputra, Working Student Reporter. Illustration by Philo Corry Awuy

The recent chess tournament held at the CH Aula was a battle of wits and a platform for budding chess enthusiasts to test their skills and determination. The competition, catering to players of all levels from newcomers to advanced, provided an invaluable experience, shedding light on their potential performance in tournaments beyond CH’s borders. Participants were vying for victory and coveted GDP points and a certificate recognizing their efforts. This event proved to be a worthwhile investment of time for all involved.

The atmosphere was electric as players of various skill levels engaged in intense matches, with time ticking away like a relentless opponent. While many emerged victorious by a slim margin, the tournament was not without its challenges. A few individuals were disqualified for attempting to gain an unfair advantage. Seeing their children immersed in such a challenging and strategic game was a source of pride for the parents in attendance. The tournament not only highlighted the students’ talents but also showcased their determination and eagerness to participate in such competitive events.

One parent remarked, “This is an incredible opportunity for our children to demonstrate their chess abilities. It’s not just about winning; it’s about the passion and effort they put into every move.” The event was a testament to the growing interest in chess among students and the dedication of the organizers to provide a platform for young minds to flourish. As the chessboard saw intense battles and strategic manoeuvres, it was clear that the future of chess in CH was in capable hands.