CH School’s Focus on Student Health and Well-being

By Claire Valerie Saputra, Working Student Reporter

In CH, student well-being is a top priority, with the school taking a comprehensive approach to mental and physical health. From educational programs on mental health to sports facilities and counseling services, CH provides a range of resources. Pak Sindy, the school’s PHE teacher, stresses the importance of this approach: “At CH, we care deeply about our students’ health, both mental and physical. It’s about more than just academics; it’s about giving them the tools for a healthy life.”

The school recognizes the close connection between mental and physical health. “Being healthy in both aspects is crucial for learning and well-being,” Pak Sindy noted. “Poor physical health can lead to various illnesses, and mental health impacts our physical well-being.” CH’s initiatives highlight the school’s commitment to supporting students’ health at every level. “Our goal is to show students that their health matters,” Pak Sindy added. “We’re here to support them.”

This focus on health reflects a growing trend in education, as schools like CH prioritize a holistic approach to student well-being, recognizing the vital link between mental and physical health. Through these efforts, CH continues to cultivate a community where health is a central concern.