“CH Dollars: Teaching Financial Responsibility at CH”

By Aubrey Nabila Rayza, Working Students Reporter

At CH, students, teachers, and even parents are engaging with a unique currency system called “CH dollars,” designed to teach financial responsibility in a practical way. CH dollars can be used within the school for canteen purchases, retrieving lost items, and more, offering a hands-on lesson in money management. Students like Claire appreciate the lessons, noting that CH dollars teach “how to spend wisely and manage money.” Aron highlights the importance for the school’s economy, saying, “You need hard work to get money, and you need to use money wisely.”

Earning CH dollars involves completing tasks or jobs within the school community, with the ability to save onto school ID cards for easy tracking. Each CH dollar features famous faces like Albert Einstein and Socrates, adding an educational element.

Our school’s CH dollars system is not just about currency; it’s about shaping financially responsible individuals within the school community. As this innovative approach gains traction, CH remains a pioneer in teaching real-world financial skills. For students here, CH dollars are more than paper—they’re a lesson in financial literacy that will benefit them long after graduation.